Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ulta 3 in 1 Review

Hi! So I've had some issues with my computer but I may finally be able to post something now. So the other day I got a few things from Ulta. I also got some NYX lipsticks but I'm going to return those because I picked out the wrong colors. But I got some Ulta brand products and I have to say I'm impressed. I had heard Ulta eyeshadows were kind of hit or miss and not much else about their products. So I got these 3 products.
So let's start with the Super Shiny Lip Gloss. I got it in number 18 because they don't have names. Its like a berry mauve color. The color is really pretty and I figured even if it's sheer I would find some use for it. The first time I applied it came out sheer but after messing around I found that it can be applied more sheer or pigmented. I really like this color for fall right. I also like that they are not super sticky or heavy feeling. The only downside is the gloss has a floral scent to it which I don't hate but I'm not fond of it either. I'll have a swatch picture at the end of this post. Next I got the eyeshadow in Twilight. It's kind of a taupe grey color.  I already have a tutorial for this eyeshadow. It's amazing! They are not as creamy as Urban Decay eyeshadows but they are not chalky and dry. I think the pigmentation is pretty good too. And lastly the concealer. I have had some bags under my eyes lately from working hard and not enough sleep. The reason I really like this concealer is I have no problems with it creasing which was a huge problem for me. It also is very smooth and blends so easily. It has a dark circle treatment that is cooling. I like the cooling effect because it makes me feel more awake. My dark circles have gotten lighter but I'm not sure if this is because of this concealer or if because I'm finally getting more sleep. I got this is the shade light and right now I'm about in NC 20 in MAC. It matches perfectly. I didn't want a super light concealer because then I always have to worry about it being blended enough. The only negative is it is applied with a roller ball which can be a little hard to get the product out. But overall it feels really nice on the undereye area. Overall I really like Ulta products. I haven't tried everything from their line but these products are pretty great for the price. They are also on sale right now so I would hurry to your nearest Ulta to get some. Here are some swatches.

You can kind of see the concealer but I swatched that as well. Later I will post either a tutorial with the Ulta Twilight eyeshadow or a fall inspired makeup tutorial. I'm hoping to post my fall fashion post Saturday but it depends on if I get my boots or not. Thanks for reading! I'll post again later!
- Eat Sleep Makeup

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