Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: Tarte Amazion Clay Foundation

Hi! I have a few posts started but I've haven't really finished any of them. So I should have 3 posts coming about my hair (one is a growing a bob update and then 2 hair tutorials), a makeup tutorial using Sabbath eyeliner, and more reviews. But this was the review I was most excited about. I bought this foundation probably about at least a month ago.  This is how the packaging looks.
 Overall I like the packaging. Its convenient for traveling and the foundation is really easy to get out. Also you have pretty good control how much foundation you want out of the tube. The leaf is the color of the foundation so I'm thinking once you start getting low you should be able to kind of tell but maybe not because this foundation is on the thicker side. I also heard that the cap was bamboo which I feel like really goes with Tarte's whole theme. On to the actual product! So this foundation is suppose to be full coverage. Any time a foundation says that I am very skeptical. Kat Von D I would say is full coverage but it clogs my skin so I can't wear it much. However I do think this foundation is pretty full coverage. But I feel the coverage can vary. I have applied this with just my fingers before and gotten a sheerer application but if I apply with my Makeup Geek Deluxe Stippling Brush I get a more full coverage application. But one of my favorite things about this foundation is that you can use it as concealer. I rarely ever wear concealer because I feel like its just another product to add to my face. I just haven't found one that doesn't feel heavy and that I really like but I haven't tried too many. But on one of the first days I was trying this foundation out I had a zit that was red and painful. It covered ok with the foundation but I decided to try take a little dab of the foundation and try use it as a concealer. It worked super well. So now I apply my foundation all over my face and then go back and apply to any blemishes and under my eyes.The other claim this foundation makes is it lasts 12 hrs. I have tried this foundation with and without primer. The first day without primer by the end of work my foundation didn't look too bad. I was a little shiny and it had faded a little but it still looked pretty decent for it being 12hrs. Next I tried it with my Tarte Poreless Primer. I was less shiny and my foundation looked great at the end of the 12hrs. So I would say yes it definitely lasts 12hrs and a good primer will only help it last longer. I have had no problems with this breaking my skin out which is a huge plus. Also this foundation doesn't feel heavy. I know I said it was a thicker consistency but it doesn't feel heavy and a little goes a very long way. I have frequently squeezed too much out of the tube. It has SPF 15 and it doesn't have any parabens which also is great. So in the end would I buy this foundation again? YES! I think this maybe my holy grail foundation. I always get compliments on my skin and it's when I'm wearing this foundation. It makes my skin look good and feel good. I bought the shade Light but they just came out with new shades which is nice because that was the only bad thing is they only had a few shades. However I feel like the Light shade works very well for me. If I were you I hurry up and get this foundation because it really is amazing. Thank you guys for reading and I'm thinking I may redo the way I do reviews. I would like to include so swatches more pictures. Right now swatches turn out blurry on my camera so I'm going to have to mess with it more. Anyways again thank you guys for reading!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review: Urban Decay Naked BB Cream

Hi! I decided to get some reviews done today. I'm hoping to post a tutorial soon but I've been skipping the makeup on my day off. Anyways I thought I would do a review on the popular Urban Decay Naked BB Cream. This is how the packaging looks.
Overall the package I think is fine. I think it goes well with the rest of the Naked line. It;s easy to get the product out and it looks nice on my vanity. On to the actual product! Was hesitant to jump on the bb cream bandwagon. But I heard how amazing some of these were so I decided to try this one out because 1. I'm a big fan of Urban Decay and 2. I've been hearing good things. First out of the tube I was like I don't think this is going to work. I'm pretty fair usually and this was like medium toned. I thought for sure it was going to be way too dark on my face. However this blends right into your skin. I like medium to full coverage foundation so I knew this wasn't going to replace my everyday foundation. However I did expect a little more coverage than it actually had. I mean Urban Decay even  says "Optical blurring pigments instantly even out skintone and minimize the appearance of pores, lines, wrinkles, and redness." However I felt like this had no coverage. I've had tinted moisturizers and they had more coverage than this. I think it does make my skin look slightly better than it completely bare. So I shrugged my shoulders and went on to my next idea of how to use this product: a primer. I didn't notice much difference right after applying my foundation but I remained hopefully. Honestly I didn't notice a difference in how long my foundation lasted or really any difference at all. However this product did say my life a little bit. I've been not so nice to my skin lately and going tanning for our upcoming trip. Well since I've been testing this product out I've either been wearing it under my foundation or if I'm going to the gym to workout and tan I will apply this and just a bit of mascara to feel a bit made up. Well one day I wore nothing on my face at all. My face got burnt which then my face started to peel. Putting makeup on top of it just looked worse. But this helped me so much! It helped with the dryness it made the peeling noticeable under my foundation. Overall would I buy this product again? Maybe. Overall I think it makes an amazing moisturizer and sunscreen but I don't think it does much else. I do like that I can wear it to the gym when I feel like I need makeup but don't want to wear a lot. I'm hoping to try the smashbox one soon and do a review on it. Thank you for reading and I hope this is helpful.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Coral FOTD(:

Hi! Today I'm posting my pretty everyday look for this summer. I will try to post a review or outfit of the day on Tuesday or Wednesday. Anyways here is the look.

Foundation: Tarte Amazion Clay Foundation in Light
Blush: Tarte Amazion Clay Blush in Tispy
Brows: Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel
Eyeshadows: MAC Satin Taupe( on the lid), UD Buck and Naked( blended into the crease), UD Sin( in the inner corner), and lastly matte highlight color from my 88 Warm palette.
Eyeliner: UD Perversion liner on my waterline
Mascara: L'Oreal Voluminous Lashes
Lip Gloss: B.E. Buxom Lip Gloss in Debbie 
 I really like the taupe and coral together. Plus it's super easy and looks more put together than it actually is. I'm hoping to post a tutorial with my new UD Sabbath liner. Also trying to decide if I should post a another update on my hair. Would it be better if I posted monthly updates or stick with the every 3 months (unless of course I cut my hair)? Anyways I'll have another post up soon. I did buy a few fall pieces so maybe an upcoming fall haul. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and thank you for reading!