Sunday, May 26, 2013

My new hair dilema...

Hi! I'm completely stuck on what hair color I want to do next. Here is my hair now.
I hate it right now. It's fading and its just kinda blah to me. But then again I always liked the more dramatic options I feel like. Here are the 2 options I'm thinking.
Option #1: Blonde
The Pros:
I have always just loved being blonde it's my favorite hair color on me.
My natural color is blonde so color maintenance isn't too bad.
I get less bored with my hair when it's blonde because I know once it's dark it is a  process to get back.
It will cost a bit to get it blonde but I don't need extensions.
The Cons:
Blonde is always a little more damaging because it uses bleach
It can be costly because I will need products to repair the damage
It may not be the best color for growing my hair out because of the damage
Option #2: Ombre
The Pros:
Would dye my hair dark and get extensions and have those be the ombre part.
 This would be good since I'm trying to grow my hair out and I would only have to touch up my roots.
I can dye my roots myself and it would be very cheap.
I would still get to have some blonde.
The Cons:
But I would have to get extensions which would be about 2-4 more weeks at least.
I'm nervous to actually ombre my extensions. I'm buying them in blonde and dyeing the top half darker and fading it into the blonde.
Does anyone else have trouble deciding between colors when you are looking for something new? By the way these are both Tracy from Jerseylicious. I'm trying to make a decision soon. Sorry this is kind of a senseless post but I don't know I like sharing what I'm thinking of doing and getting options and seeing what other people have tried and so on. I'm hoping to have a tutorial up soon. I tried doing one tonight but the pictures were bad. Anyways thank you for reading!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small Sephora Haul

Hi so I went on a small shopping trip to Sephora. Here is what I got:
Firstly I really wanted to try a new bronzer so I got the Too Faced Endless Summer Bronzer. It supposedly lasts 16hrs so I'm excited to test it out. I also wanted a nice summer blush so I looked to the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes. I've heard tons of good things about these and the colors make me think of summer. I got the one in Tipsy because I felt like it wasn't like anything I had so I'll do a review on it. Next I grabbed Urban Decay Virgin eyeshadow. Its the only eyeshadow I have hit pan on in both my Naked palettes. It's completely gone so I had to purchase more as it is one of my must have eyeshadows now. So that was it for what I needed. The rest of the stuff I grabbed on my way up to the register. Sephora is good at distracting me with the goodies by the register. Does anyone else get completely distracted? First I noticed that some of the Kat Von D lipsticks were on clearance for $5! They didn't have the color I was hoping the would but I picked the Kat Von D Foiled Lipstick in Beranice. I'll be doing a small review and using this in a tutorial soon. Also on my way up the register I noticed they had a few travel sizes out so I grabbed that Urban Decay Naked BB Balm and the GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask. They are both travel sizes which is good for trying them out. I was really hoping to get the other GlamGlow mask. I think its the skin clearing one. But they did have a travel size in that one but if I like this one I may actually purchase the bigger size. So keep an eye out for a review on it!(: Also I've been hearing good things about the Naked BB Balm so I'll do a review on that too!  Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this small Sephora haul. I did buy some cloths and I was going to include them but it just didn't feel like enough to include it. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm hoping to have another post up later but I'm not sure what yet. Thank you for reading(:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Purple Spring Tutorial ♥

Hi! So I'm back with my tutorial and it turned out awesome! It made me remember why I love doing makeup so much in the first place. Here is most of the products I've used for this tutorial:
Also before I begin with the actual tutorial I have dupe for you guys. I used Urban Decay's Gravity for this tutorial but the color on the left side of the Wet n Wild palette the one that says crease is dupe. The only difference is Gravity has more glitter and the texture is slightly different but the actual color is pretty much exact. (WnW is on the left and UD Gravity is on the right)
Ok so on to the tutorial I started with my L'Oreal Lumi Foundation. I applied Urban Decay's Primer Potion to my lids. Then I applied the eyelid color on the right side of the Wet n Wild Petal Pusher palette in my crease. It looks red in the picture above.
Next I applied Urban Decay's Gravity to my lid.
Next I applied a very small amount of the red color from the L'Oreal H.I.P.duo. I don't know the name of the duo because it rubbed off :( I also applied Rad Purple from the Kat Von D Beethoven palette into my outer v.
Next I combined a few steps I applied Rad Purple on about the outer 2/3 my lower lashline. Then I applied Galeno from the Kat Von D palette to the inner 1/3 of my lid and my lower lashline. Then I mixed the brow bone colors form the Wet n Wild palette to my inner corner and under my brow bone. Lastly I applied UD Perversion eyeliner along my upper lashline and 2 coats of mascara.

For the rest of the face I applied my MAC Veluxe Pencil in Deep Brunette. Then I applied my e.l.f. blush and bronzer duo and lastly my MAC Angel lipstick. And this is the finished look!

I really love it and it doesn't seem really dramatic even though the colors are a little darker. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this! I'm off to bed for the night. Thank you for reading!

My Hair Start To My Progress Now

Hi! just a quick post of all my hair progress pictures so far. Later I'll post a tutorial but I thought this would be a good way to lay out the pictures instead of going to each post to look at the pictures.
 1 month after getting it cut and my starting point

3 month update

5 month haircut update

6 month update (1 month after haircut update)

Please excuse my no makeup picture.
As you can see I've come a ways since I started but my hair still isn't as long as I would like. Usually my hair grows really fast during the summer so hopefully my 9 month update I have more dramatic result. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll post a tutorial later.(: Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Foundation Review

Hi! So I've really wanted to do a review on this product even though it isn't really a new product but  it is a very popular product. This is how the packaging looks:
It has a pump so always a plus for the packaging. I don't know what it is but I ADORE the packaging for this. It's very light and sleek. Even though it's the typical 1oz. because of the packaging it feels like more. Also I got shade 2.0 and I am usually MAC NC 15. This seems to be a pretty good match maybe a hint too dark. Anyways on to the review of the actual foundation. As you can see it claims to be weightless and I have to say I agree with this claim. It feels weightless when you apply it and throughout the day. One thing I have noticed is being around sunny windows and hot blow dryers you start to sweat and that is when it starts to not feel so weightless. It still feels light but you know those days were it is just way too hot and you don't want any makeup on because it just feels "heavy"?  Yea those days were this doesn't feel so weightless. I mean those days are far and few between for me so it's not a huge issue. Coverage with his foundation I would say is medium. It makes my skin look naturally great. My freckles still peek through but it can cover redness around my nose or on my cheeks. It's nice because it never looks cakey and looks natural. It lasts longer than some of my foundations which is great because I need it to last. I do set it with powder for a little more coverage and to keep the shininess away. It does control my oil pretty well with the demi-matte finish but with the temperatures rising I like to be on the safe side. Honestly I can't think of anything bad about this product. I mean I do wish it was a little cheaper. I like $27 for my MAC Studio Fix Foundation so it was a little harder for me to paying another $10 for foundation. The price really isn't bad I just can't find anything wrong with this product. So would I buy it again? Of course! I really like this foundation for spring and summer when you are trying to go for a more natural look. It's a great everyday foundation. I'll keep my Mac Studio Fix for special occasions and the days I need a little more coverage. It's a great foundation and I highly recommend it if you like foundations that are medium coverage and don't feel heavy. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I will hopefully have a review up later this week. Thank you for reading!(:

Growing Out A Bob: 6 month update

Hi! I am still not getting better about posting more often. Sorry about that but I'm back today with an update! I also will have a product review up later and a tutorial later this week. I'm trying to decide between a smokey eye using the L'oreal Infallible eyeshadow or a bright spring look. I did buy another L'oreal infallible eyeshadow in Iced Latte and I also want to buy one in Endless Sea. So I could do a look with those as well. But anyways on to todays post! I figured I would do the 6 month update on growing my hair out. So here are the pictures:

Here is the pictures when I got it cut last month:

And lastly where I started at(:

My hair is not as long as I want it but I am quite happy with  my progress. So what am I doing now for my hair?
 1. Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins- Taking 2 of these everyday.
2. Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm - Keeping my hair mositurized and healthy
3. Rusk Multi 12 in 1 Treatment- Still using  this as a leave in conditioner and heat protectant. I believe that this has helped my hair TONS! My hair is so soft and shiny and feels better even though I still dye it at least once a month.
4. Scalp Massages
5. Biolage Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray- Just using this for some added conditioning to my hair.
6. Being Healthy in General- Trying to eat better so my body has the nutrients it needs to help with hair growth.
I feel like my hair has grown at least an inch in the last month. It feels so much longer but looking at my outgrowth it seems like I don't have that much growth. My next update should be 9 months which should be August. It's hard for me to pick a goal for the next update but this is what I am really hoping for:

So I'm hoping it will be about collar bone length. I want it this length before I get my extensions. I feel like it will blend so much better and I will still be able to continue to grow my hair. My fingers are crossed that it will be this long. So far my hair hasn't been as long as my goals. Thank you guys for reading and I'll do another update in 3 months or if I get my hair cut again. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll have a review up later.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Makeup Kit For Beginners

Hi! I know I haven't posted to anything in awhile. I have just been busy with work and life in general. I really would like to post more and hope I can now that things are starting to get into the swing of things. Anyways today I am not posting a tutorial again but this is the makeup kit for beginners. Here is a picture of a few things I have for the kit. I'll go through and explain everything in a minute.
So I guess let's start with face products! For face I got my cousin the Urban Decay foundation because she likes the weightless feeling and it's not super full coverage. Honestly she needs very little coverage so even a bb cream might be a better option especially for someone started out in makeup. I didn't buy a primer because she is starting out and I feel like you don't need to make it a long process by adding more products. I just wanted to keep it simple. She usually applies her foundation with her fingers or a sponge so no need for a brush. I also didn't get her a face powder but I have two in the picture. One is the elf hd powder which is a nice cheap powder if you know the person has oily skin and would like a setting powder. The second is the cover fx mineral pressed powder it is on clearance at my local Sephora so it was with in the drugstore price range. This is really nice for someone would might just need a powder foundation and no liquid. For blush I got the elf blush in Candid Coral. I like the elf blushes they are cheap and pretty decent for the price. Then for eye products! Honestly I recommend any wet and wild palettes. I'm getting my cousin the one pictured (Petal Pusher) and Comfort Zone. These come with 8 eyeshadows which means multiple looks. You can also buy the smaller ones that have 3 eyeshadows. I just like these more(: I also got her 2 other kinds of eyeshadows. The L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows are a huge favorite. I need to get hers yet but I would like to get her a neutral one and then a more fun color like the garnet or purple one. I also bought the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Inked in Pink. She can use them as bases or cream eyeshadows. I also like throwing in a few fun items like glitter liners or some colored eyeliner. I've been trying to find the L'oreal HIP liners so I can get the black one and purple one for her. I would stick to eyeliner pencils. I think liquid and gel liners might be too advanced for someone starting with makeup. And then I would also include your favorite mascara. For lip products I would include a lipstick and gloss. I added Revlon Pink Pout because it's a favorite. Just any gloss and lipstick you would like for the person you are buying for. Lastly I gave her 3 brushes. One for blush and the other 2 are for eyeshadow. I just wanted to introduce makeup brushes to her since she hasn't had any before. So that's what I would get for someone starting out in makeup. I know it seems like a lot but my cousin has been playing around with makeup more and more lately so I want to get her something that has a little of everything. Honestly if you can find a palette that has eyeshadows and blush that would be a good option as well. They are just tons of options. You can skip the gloss and lipstick and just stick with lip balm. It really just depends on the person you are buying for.

So for upcoming posts I have a post on dry shampoos, a spring makeup tutorial, and a few other things. I'm hoping to have a tutorial up later this week. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!(: