Saturday, May 4, 2013

Makeup Kit For Beginners

Hi! I know I haven't posted to anything in awhile. I have just been busy with work and life in general. I really would like to post more and hope I can now that things are starting to get into the swing of things. Anyways today I am not posting a tutorial again but this is the makeup kit for beginners. Here is a picture of a few things I have for the kit. I'll go through and explain everything in a minute.
So I guess let's start with face products! For face I got my cousin the Urban Decay foundation because she likes the weightless feeling and it's not super full coverage. Honestly she needs very little coverage so even a bb cream might be a better option especially for someone started out in makeup. I didn't buy a primer because she is starting out and I feel like you don't need to make it a long process by adding more products. I just wanted to keep it simple. She usually applies her foundation with her fingers or a sponge so no need for a brush. I also didn't get her a face powder but I have two in the picture. One is the elf hd powder which is a nice cheap powder if you know the person has oily skin and would like a setting powder. The second is the cover fx mineral pressed powder it is on clearance at my local Sephora so it was with in the drugstore price range. This is really nice for someone would might just need a powder foundation and no liquid. For blush I got the elf blush in Candid Coral. I like the elf blushes they are cheap and pretty decent for the price. Then for eye products! Honestly I recommend any wet and wild palettes. I'm getting my cousin the one pictured (Petal Pusher) and Comfort Zone. These come with 8 eyeshadows which means multiple looks. You can also buy the smaller ones that have 3 eyeshadows. I just like these more(: I also got her 2 other kinds of eyeshadows. The L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows are a huge favorite. I need to get hers yet but I would like to get her a neutral one and then a more fun color like the garnet or purple one. I also bought the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Inked in Pink. She can use them as bases or cream eyeshadows. I also like throwing in a few fun items like glitter liners or some colored eyeliner. I've been trying to find the L'oreal HIP liners so I can get the black one and purple one for her. I would stick to eyeliner pencils. I think liquid and gel liners might be too advanced for someone starting with makeup. And then I would also include your favorite mascara. For lip products I would include a lipstick and gloss. I added Revlon Pink Pout because it's a favorite. Just any gloss and lipstick you would like for the person you are buying for. Lastly I gave her 3 brushes. One for blush and the other 2 are for eyeshadow. I just wanted to introduce makeup brushes to her since she hasn't had any before. So that's what I would get for someone starting out in makeup. I know it seems like a lot but my cousin has been playing around with makeup more and more lately so I want to get her something that has a little of everything. Honestly if you can find a palette that has eyeshadows and blush that would be a good option as well. They are just tons of options. You can skip the gloss and lipstick and just stick with lip balm. It really just depends on the person you are buying for.

So for upcoming posts I have a post on dry shampoos, a spring makeup tutorial, and a few other things. I'm hoping to have a tutorial up later this week. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!(:

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