Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Foundation Review

Hi! So I've really wanted to do a review on this product even though it isn't really a new product but  it is a very popular product. This is how the packaging looks:
It has a pump so always a plus for the packaging. I don't know what it is but I ADORE the packaging for this. It's very light and sleek. Even though it's the typical 1oz. because of the packaging it feels like more. Also I got shade 2.0 and I am usually MAC NC 15. This seems to be a pretty good match maybe a hint too dark. Anyways on to the review of the actual foundation. As you can see it claims to be weightless and I have to say I agree with this claim. It feels weightless when you apply it and throughout the day. One thing I have noticed is being around sunny windows and hot blow dryers you start to sweat and that is when it starts to not feel so weightless. It still feels light but you know those days were it is just way too hot and you don't want any makeup on because it just feels "heavy"?  Yea those days were this doesn't feel so weightless. I mean those days are far and few between for me so it's not a huge issue. Coverage with his foundation I would say is medium. It makes my skin look naturally great. My freckles still peek through but it can cover redness around my nose or on my cheeks. It's nice because it never looks cakey and looks natural. It lasts longer than some of my foundations which is great because I need it to last. I do set it with powder for a little more coverage and to keep the shininess away. It does control my oil pretty well with the demi-matte finish but with the temperatures rising I like to be on the safe side. Honestly I can't think of anything bad about this product. I mean I do wish it was a little cheaper. I like $27 for my MAC Studio Fix Foundation so it was a little harder for me to paying another $10 for foundation. The price really isn't bad I just can't find anything wrong with this product. So would I buy it again? Of course! I really like this foundation for spring and summer when you are trying to go for a more natural look. It's a great everyday foundation. I'll keep my Mac Studio Fix for special occasions and the days I need a little more coverage. It's a great foundation and I highly recommend it if you like foundations that are medium coverage and don't feel heavy. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I will hopefully have a review up later this week. Thank you for reading!(:

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