Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Outfit Of The Day

Hi! Happy New Year's Eve! Here's my outfit of the day/night!

Top is from JCPenney's
Pants from Forever 21
Shoes from Love Culture
Stud Earrings from Nine West
Rings from Forever 21 (expect my engagement ring)
For my makeup I pretty much followed the reality star smokey eye in the Smoked Palette book. Some slight differences are I use MAC Naked Lunch instead of Kinky. I also used my Tarina Tararinto Sparklicity Powder on my eyes to give it some extra sparkle. I used my MAC foundation in NC 15 and added a little of my Revlon Skinlights in Golden Lights. I used MAC Well Dressed blush (my favorite lately). For my lips I used MAC Hue and clear gloss over top.
I hope everyone has a great and happy 2013!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tutorial for Green Eyes

Hi! So I decided to start off my makeup tutorials in a series for specific eye colors. These are just my favorite looks for each eye color. This is the tutorial for green eyes.

This is my cousin that I used for a model. I didn't take step by step pictures when I did her makeup so I'll be doing the step by step pictures on myself. I mostly used the Urban Decay Smoked Palette which I don't use too often but it is one of my favorite palettes. Now on to the tutorial!

We started off applying a moisturizer. For her face I mixed Urban Decay Naked foundation in shade number 4 (love this stuff!) and MAC studio fix foundation in NC15. On myself I just used just MAC studio fix in NC15. I also filled in her eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil and I did the same for myself. I did foundation first but if you are doing a smokey eye or a look with dark eye shadows it can be better to do the foundation later. On to the eye makeup first I start off using Urban Decay Primer Potion. We then applied Rockstar all over the lid. I tried to stay away from the inner corner.
(Just Rockstar on the lid so far)

Next I took one of my favorite colors in the palette, Barlust, and applied it mostly to the crease but a little bit in the outer V too. I also blended it upwards slightly. You could use a matte brown color for blending but I really like Barlust.
(Rockstar on the lid and Barlust in the crease a little bit in the outer V)

Next I took Blackout with a tiny amount of Asphalt and applied it in the crease and the outer V. I used a Sigma E30 brush/ pencil brush and kind of did more of a cut crease. In the picture you probably only see a slight difference but it makes a huge difference in person. You will notice it between Barlust and Rockstar.
(Rockstar on the lid, Barlust in the crease, and Blackout/Asphalt in the crease and outer V)

Next I took Barlust and smudge it on the lower lashline. I applied and small amount of Blackout on the outer lashline over Barlust which is optional.
(Rockstar on the lid, Barlust in the crease, Blackout/Asphalt in the crease and outer V, and Barlust along lower lash line)

Next I applied Freestyle to downblend a little. Then I applied Bootycall from the Naked 2 palette to my inner corner and on my brow bone. I blended it with the Rockstar on my lid. I applied Perversion eyeliner along my upper lashline. I took my pencil brush and smudge it. I also applied 2 coats of my Maybelline Falsies mascara and a little to my lower lashes.

I used my e.l.f. blush and bronzer set to contour my face a little. Then I applied MAC Well Dressed blush. I decided to add a little glow to my face. I have 2 Revlon Skin Lights. One is in Natural Light and the other is in Golden Light. The Golden light is darker and has more of a gold shimmer (I used this one on my cousins face). I decided to use the Natural light, which is more of a pink/opal shimmer, on myself. I just took a very small on amount on a fluffy powder brush and dusted it over my face. Lastly I applied MAC Angel lipstick and applied a clear gloss. The finished result!
I think this looks good on my blue eyes and I think it would look good on brown eyes as well. However I think my cousin's eyes really pop with this look. Next I'm probably going to focus on blue eyes. I'm trying to find a model with brown eyes and maybe hazel. I would love to do hazel eyes however everyone has a different opinion of what hazel is. One of my makeup books says it blue grey and another says its light golden brown. We'll see how that goes lol! So for my next posts I'm going to keep working on the different eye colors, (hopefully) a New Year's Eve outfit of the day, and maybe some reviews or hauls. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Haul!(:

Hi! Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope every one had a wonderful time with their family and friends. I thought I might do a Christmas haul. I always love seeing and hearing what everyone got for Christmas! I mostly got gift cards which I'll show what I bought with those because we went shopping on 27th so there were still a lot of great sales. So below is a picture of what I got(:
- Philips iPod Dock
- Bath and Body Works Set that is in White Citrus
- a.n.a. Ombre Sweater
- MAC Angel Lipstick
- MAC Naked Lunch Eyeshadow
- Jamberry Nail Stickers
- Purple Prada Purse
- Boots from Love Culture
- 2 Bras from Aerie (not shown)
- 8 Pairs of Underwear from Aerie (8 for $26.50!) (not shown)
- 2 iTune Gift Cards (not shown)
- 2 Gift Cards for the Mall (not shown)
The boots and the MAC stuff I bought out shopping. The pictures below are what I bought when we went shopping. The first place we went in was JCPenney's. I wasn't planning on buying anything here but I few things caught my eye as we were passing through. Also my sweater in the picture above is from JCPenney's but I didn't buy it when we were shopping.
I've been wanting a sweater with sequins even though they can be kind of itchy. It turned me off a little looking at it hanging on the hanger (like it does in the picture). It seemed kind of shapeless but when it's on it hugs my body nicely and is festive without being tacky.

This is the piece that made me stop in JCPenney's. I love blazers and I have been wanting one that's a little more interesting and comfy. I love the lace back on this.
I could not make up my mind on this shirt. I really love the detailing on the shoulders but I couldn't decide if I liked it on me. In the end I decided to get it because I thought my bootcut jeans were probably kind of throwing me off on whether I liked it or not. I do love it and it will probably be a part of my New Year's Eve outfit.

Next we window shopped at a few stores (Steve Madden!) and a store happened to catch my eye. I had never heard of it before but the clothes inside were too cute to pass by. The next few items are from Love Culture.

This is by far one of my favorite purchases! I love that it is a cardigan, lightweight, and flowy. The back and pockets have a skull print that is cute and edgy.
I love cowl neck tops but never like them on myself. I happened to see this one and decided one not give it a shot. I love it! Its super comfy and I love the subtle hi-low bottom.

 This is my second favorite purchase. They had it turned around on the rack so you could see the back detailing. From the front it looks like a plain back tee shirt dress with a hi-low bottom. Turn it over and look at the back and you have this ripped skull design. They also had one that looked like ribs but on the website it says it's suppose to be a heart. In the last picture I slipped a nude cami underneath so you can see the design better. It's a great form-fitting comfy dress. I also bought my boots in the first picture at Love Culture. I originally wanted a pair of warm brown boots but I found those and feel in love.

Next we went to Charlotte Russe.
This was right in front of the store. I grabbed and bought it asap. It's perfect for a night out with my friends. I can't wait to wear this out!

The next piece I got at a clothing store that sells used clothes. It still had the tags on it and I decided for $12 I really wanted it.
It's this great drapey blazer from Charlotte Russe. It looks great on but sometimes if it doesn't lay right, it can look a little weird. It's so different from my other blazers.

While we were at the mall I visited MAC and bought a Angel lipstick and Naked Lunch eyeshadow. Also went to Aerie and picked up some things.We went to a few other stores but I wanted to eat. We finished off the day with some yummy Cheesecake Factory. I still have some money on one of my gift cards and I have a few more things to get but overall this is my Christmas haul. What did you get for Christmas? (: For my next post I'll have a makeup tutorial up that's really great for green eyes. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Coloring Process

Hi! I hope this post is somewhat educational as it's hard to find information on soap caps (also called bleach washes). So first things first this is my hair now in case you didn't see it in my previous post.
I'm trying to go a lighter warm color. I was checking out Kenra's Pinterest and I noticed 2 pictures that had the same formula and the color was beautiful. It was more red than I had originally thought about doing. Both formulas were 6R+6RC. So I went back and bought 6R. The one girl even had dark hair that the stylist lightened and then did the formula. I decided I really didn't want to lighten my hair a lot and to just do a soap cap would lighten my hair some. I have been using a clarifying shampoo to kind of fade the color some as well. I could have also used a color remover. Kenra, Paul Mitchell, Goldwell, Pravana and a few other companies all have color removers. Unfortunately Aveda does not which is what I know. Also my color teacher absolutely hated color removers. I would like to try one sometime but right not I'm not feeling super confident using one seeing as I know nothing about how it actually works. So on to the soap cap mixture! In school we weren't told a certain amount of how much shampoo, bleach, and developer to put in. We were told to make sure we had more shampoo than bleach and developer. So I've decided to mix equals parts of the bleach, developer, and a little bit more shampoo. This is how it looks:
It looks like bleach but it's more runny. So first things first I wet my hair and then towel dried it. I divided my hair into 4 sections and then took 1/2in partings and applied the bleach mixture mostly to my mid strand and ends. I tried not to get it on my roots since that was new growth. I let it sit on for about 15 minutes. This is how it looked when I rinsed it out.

Quite a difference! I also used my Joico treatment. My hair just seems little dry but overall not a lot of damage. So on to the color! I used equal parts Kenra's 6R+6RC+10 vol. I let it process and this is the results.

Now this picture looks pretty close to what I wanted. I'm going to post two pictures I found off the Kenra Pinterest page. I do not own these pictures.

So looking at the pictures it looks kinda close to my picture but sadly the lighting of my picture changes the way it looks. My hair looks really red. I don't really see much brown in it. It looks more like 6RR. So I'm trying to decide what to do from here :(. The color isn't bad it's just not what I had wanted. If I had access to Aveda I would have known what formula to do but that's not available to me right now. I have to consider my options and see where to go from here. It sucks that the color didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. Overall though I hope this information was sort of helpful. Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hi! This is my small haul from CosmoProf.
So I got:
- Paul Mitchell Tarina Taratino Refreshing Revival Set that has the Paul Mitchell Moisture Shampoo and Treatment ( got this for a secret Santa gift)
- Fake Bake Self-Tan Liquid (never used this line but excited to try it)
- Joico K-Pak Maximum Reconstruction Set that has the Shampoo, Conditioner, and the Revitaluxe Restorative Treatment
- Foils for Highlights (I love highlights)
- 2 Packets of Kenra Lightener (this stuff is amazing)
- 32oz bottle of Kenra Developer 10vol
- 2 Packages of Kenra color one in 6RC (for myself) and one in 6RR (for my cousin)

Overall a small and slightly boring haul but I plan to do a review on the Fake Bake and the Joico products.  We are suppose to have a bad snow storm tomorrow so what a perfect day to stay inside and color my hair. I've decided to lighten up and add some warmth to my current Paul Mitchell level 4 hair. My hair is naturally a level 7 and I've had so many different colors in my hair (what else would you expect from a cosmetology student). So the plan is to do a shampoo cap to lift out some of the darkness and violet from my previous color. Even though I doubt my hair will lift to a 6 just doing a soap cap I picked the 6 so it doesn't come out too dark because my hair is porous. I also got the idea from some pictures on Kenra's Pinterest account. So you can see where the bleach comes in and also the color. The Joico products are to help with some damage that comes from doing pretty much anything to your hair. Also it's been awhile since I've done anything relating more to damage since I've mostly been focusing on moisture. My cousin is going to be sticking with her usual gorgeous red and adding some blonde highlights. Last time we thought about toning the highlights to like a warm 8 but she liked them the way they were so we left them. So for my next few posts I plan to do some reviews, a post about my hair and the coloring process, some pictures of my cousins hair, and maybe a Christmas haul(: Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Hair- The Starting Point

Hi! Alright so here are some pics of my hair and where I'm starting at with this growing it out idea.

Ok so that's where I'm starting at and I'm hoping in about 3-5 months to have my hair like this.

I'm hoping these seem like a reasonable goal. Read my previous blog post to see what I'm doing to grow my hair out. Also going to be adding a leave in conditioner to my routine hopefully soon. I'm thinking possible one from the it's a 10 line or I know big sexy has one in their line as well. Thanks for reading!(:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Growing Out A Bob: Starting Out

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog! Sorry if my about me doesn't show up. I'm not good at this blog stuff yet but hopefully soon I will be(; Anyways for my first post let's start with my hair. So basically my hair has been through h-e-l-l and back. Now that it's in a lot better condition and I've grown bored of it again it is time to grow it out. I took some pictures of my hair but unfortunately I can't find the cord I need to upload them on to my computer. So I'm going to add some pictures of how my hair is cut so you get the idea.

Ok so you get the idea. Those pictures are NOT me and I do not own the rights to these pictures.  As of right now it's been almost one month since my last haircut (thanks to one of my wonderful friends who cut my hair around Thanksgiving time). I have a little more than 1/2 in. of new growth (going off my color which was done around the same time)which for my hair is pretty good considering it hasn't quite been a month. So what am I doing?

1. Hair, Skin, and Nails Vitamins- Just 2 a day nothing really special there.
2. Moroccan Oil- So I use the Moroccan Oil Mask and the actual oil.  To be exact I use the Weightless Hydrating Mask to keep my hair moisturized and keep the ends from being dry and breaking off. I use the the actual oil to moisturize my hair as well and for styling reasons.
3. Scalp Massages- Massage your scalp gets the blood circulating and promoting hair growth. I actually do it twice. I use some Aveda composition oil and massage my scalp before I shower. Then I also massage my scalp when I shampoo.
4. Avoiding Heat Styling and Always Using a Heat Protectant If I Do- I try to avoid heat styling or at least cutting down on it. So far it's working pretty well(: But if I do decide to heat style my hair I will use either Redken Blown Away Blow Dry Gel or Aveda Brilliant Damage Control.
5. Detoxing my Hair- I use a good clarifying shampoo every once in awhile to remove product build up and really deep clean my hair and scalp.
6. Water and Exercise- Just typically trying to stay healthy and these also benefit my hair.

That's pretty much it. I'll update if I change anything but this is the plan for right now. Some other recommendations if you are trying to grow your hair out would be a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a damage remedy shampoo and conditioner,  and the Aveda universal styling creme (a small amount goes a long way and it moisturizes your hair). The Aveda Brilliant Shampoo and Conditioner is also really great. It makes your hair unbelievably soft. I'm hoping to do an update on my hair in about 3 months. I'll do some other posts in between.
Thanks for reading and have a good day!

p.s. I will post pics of my hair soon so you can watch the progress(: