Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Coloring Process

Hi! I hope this post is somewhat educational as it's hard to find information on soap caps (also called bleach washes). So first things first this is my hair now in case you didn't see it in my previous post.
I'm trying to go a lighter warm color. I was checking out Kenra's Pinterest and I noticed 2 pictures that had the same formula and the color was beautiful. It was more red than I had originally thought about doing. Both formulas were 6R+6RC. So I went back and bought 6R. The one girl even had dark hair that the stylist lightened and then did the formula. I decided I really didn't want to lighten my hair a lot and to just do a soap cap would lighten my hair some. I have been using a clarifying shampoo to kind of fade the color some as well. I could have also used a color remover. Kenra, Paul Mitchell, Goldwell, Pravana and a few other companies all have color removers. Unfortunately Aveda does not which is what I know. Also my color teacher absolutely hated color removers. I would like to try one sometime but right not I'm not feeling super confident using one seeing as I know nothing about how it actually works. So on to the soap cap mixture! In school we weren't told a certain amount of how much shampoo, bleach, and developer to put in. We were told to make sure we had more shampoo than bleach and developer. So I've decided to mix equals parts of the bleach, developer, and a little bit more shampoo. This is how it looks:
It looks like bleach but it's more runny. So first things first I wet my hair and then towel dried it. I divided my hair into 4 sections and then took 1/2in partings and applied the bleach mixture mostly to my mid strand and ends. I tried not to get it on my roots since that was new growth. I let it sit on for about 15 minutes. This is how it looked when I rinsed it out.

Quite a difference! I also used my Joico treatment. My hair just seems little dry but overall not a lot of damage. So on to the color! I used equal parts Kenra's 6R+6RC+10 vol. I let it process and this is the results.

Now this picture looks pretty close to what I wanted. I'm going to post two pictures I found off the Kenra Pinterest page. I do not own these pictures.

So looking at the pictures it looks kinda close to my picture but sadly the lighting of my picture changes the way it looks. My hair looks really red. I don't really see much brown in it. It looks more like 6RR. So I'm trying to decide what to do from here :(. The color isn't bad it's just not what I had wanted. If I had access to Aveda I would have known what formula to do but that's not available to me right now. I have to consider my options and see where to go from here. It sucks that the color didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped. Overall though I hope this information was sort of helpful. Happy Holidays!

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