Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tutorial for Green Eyes

Hi! So I decided to start off my makeup tutorials in a series for specific eye colors. These are just my favorite looks for each eye color. This is the tutorial for green eyes.

This is my cousin that I used for a model. I didn't take step by step pictures when I did her makeup so I'll be doing the step by step pictures on myself. I mostly used the Urban Decay Smoked Palette which I don't use too often but it is one of my favorite palettes. Now on to the tutorial!

We started off applying a moisturizer. For her face I mixed Urban Decay Naked foundation in shade number 4 (love this stuff!) and MAC studio fix foundation in NC15. On myself I just used just MAC studio fix in NC15. I also filled in her eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil and I did the same for myself. I did foundation first but if you are doing a smokey eye or a look with dark eye shadows it can be better to do the foundation later. On to the eye makeup first I start off using Urban Decay Primer Potion. We then applied Rockstar all over the lid. I tried to stay away from the inner corner.
(Just Rockstar on the lid so far)

Next I took one of my favorite colors in the palette, Barlust, and applied it mostly to the crease but a little bit in the outer V too. I also blended it upwards slightly. You could use a matte brown color for blending but I really like Barlust.
(Rockstar on the lid and Barlust in the crease a little bit in the outer V)

Next I took Blackout with a tiny amount of Asphalt and applied it in the crease and the outer V. I used a Sigma E30 brush/ pencil brush and kind of did more of a cut crease. In the picture you probably only see a slight difference but it makes a huge difference in person. You will notice it between Barlust and Rockstar.
(Rockstar on the lid, Barlust in the crease, and Blackout/Asphalt in the crease and outer V)

Next I took Barlust and smudge it on the lower lashline. I applied and small amount of Blackout on the outer lashline over Barlust which is optional.
(Rockstar on the lid, Barlust in the crease, Blackout/Asphalt in the crease and outer V, and Barlust along lower lash line)

Next I applied Freestyle to downblend a little. Then I applied Bootycall from the Naked 2 palette to my inner corner and on my brow bone. I blended it with the Rockstar on my lid. I applied Perversion eyeliner along my upper lashline. I took my pencil brush and smudge it. I also applied 2 coats of my Maybelline Falsies mascara and a little to my lower lashes.

I used my e.l.f. blush and bronzer set to contour my face a little. Then I applied MAC Well Dressed blush. I decided to add a little glow to my face. I have 2 Revlon Skin Lights. One is in Natural Light and the other is in Golden Light. The Golden light is darker and has more of a gold shimmer (I used this one on my cousins face). I decided to use the Natural light, which is more of a pink/opal shimmer, on myself. I just took a very small on amount on a fluffy powder brush and dusted it over my face. Lastly I applied MAC Angel lipstick and applied a clear gloss. The finished result!
I think this looks good on my blue eyes and I think it would look good on brown eyes as well. However I think my cousin's eyes really pop with this look. Next I'm probably going to focus on blue eyes. I'm trying to find a model with brown eyes and maybe hazel. I would love to do hazel eyes however everyone has a different opinion of what hazel is. One of my makeup books says it blue grey and another says its light golden brown. We'll see how that goes lol! So for my next posts I'm going to keep working on the different eye colors, (hopefully) a New Year's Eve outfit of the day, and maybe some reviews or hauls. Thanks for reading!

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