Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Haul!(:

Hi! Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope every one had a wonderful time with their family and friends. I thought I might do a Christmas haul. I always love seeing and hearing what everyone got for Christmas! I mostly got gift cards which I'll show what I bought with those because we went shopping on 27th so there were still a lot of great sales. So below is a picture of what I got(:
- Philips iPod Dock
- Bath and Body Works Set that is in White Citrus
- a.n.a. Ombre Sweater
- MAC Angel Lipstick
- MAC Naked Lunch Eyeshadow
- Jamberry Nail Stickers
- Purple Prada Purse
- Boots from Love Culture
- 2 Bras from Aerie (not shown)
- 8 Pairs of Underwear from Aerie (8 for $26.50!) (not shown)
- 2 iTune Gift Cards (not shown)
- 2 Gift Cards for the Mall (not shown)
The boots and the MAC stuff I bought out shopping. The pictures below are what I bought when we went shopping. The first place we went in was JCPenney's. I wasn't planning on buying anything here but I few things caught my eye as we were passing through. Also my sweater in the picture above is from JCPenney's but I didn't buy it when we were shopping.
I've been wanting a sweater with sequins even though they can be kind of itchy. It turned me off a little looking at it hanging on the hanger (like it does in the picture). It seemed kind of shapeless but when it's on it hugs my body nicely and is festive without being tacky.

This is the piece that made me stop in JCPenney's. I love blazers and I have been wanting one that's a little more interesting and comfy. I love the lace back on this.
I could not make up my mind on this shirt. I really love the detailing on the shoulders but I couldn't decide if I liked it on me. In the end I decided to get it because I thought my bootcut jeans were probably kind of throwing me off on whether I liked it or not. I do love it and it will probably be a part of my New Year's Eve outfit.

Next we window shopped at a few stores (Steve Madden!) and a store happened to catch my eye. I had never heard of it before but the clothes inside were too cute to pass by. The next few items are from Love Culture.

This is by far one of my favorite purchases! I love that it is a cardigan, lightweight, and flowy. The back and pockets have a skull print that is cute and edgy.
I love cowl neck tops but never like them on myself. I happened to see this one and decided one not give it a shot. I love it! Its super comfy and I love the subtle hi-low bottom.

 This is my second favorite purchase. They had it turned around on the rack so you could see the back detailing. From the front it looks like a plain back tee shirt dress with a hi-low bottom. Turn it over and look at the back and you have this ripped skull design. They also had one that looked like ribs but on the website it says it's suppose to be a heart. In the last picture I slipped a nude cami underneath so you can see the design better. It's a great form-fitting comfy dress. I also bought my boots in the first picture at Love Culture. I originally wanted a pair of warm brown boots but I found those and feel in love.

Next we went to Charlotte Russe.
This was right in front of the store. I grabbed and bought it asap. It's perfect for a night out with my friends. I can't wait to wear this out!

The next piece I got at a clothing store that sells used clothes. It still had the tags on it and I decided for $12 I really wanted it.
It's this great drapey blazer from Charlotte Russe. It looks great on but sometimes if it doesn't lay right, it can look a little weird. It's so different from my other blazers.

While we were at the mall I visited MAC and bought a Angel lipstick and Naked Lunch eyeshadow. Also went to Aerie and picked up some things.We went to a few other stores but I wanted to eat. We finished off the day with some yummy Cheesecake Factory. I still have some money on one of my gift cards and I have a few more things to get but overall this is my Christmas haul. What did you get for Christmas? (: For my next post I'll have a makeup tutorial up that's really great for green eyes. Thanks for reading!

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