Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Small Sephora Haul

Hi so I went on a small shopping trip to Sephora. Here is what I got:
Firstly I really wanted to try a new bronzer so I got the Too Faced Endless Summer Bronzer. It supposedly lasts 16hrs so I'm excited to test it out. I also wanted a nice summer blush so I looked to the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes. I've heard tons of good things about these and the colors make me think of summer. I got the one in Tipsy because I felt like it wasn't like anything I had so I'll do a review on it. Next I grabbed Urban Decay Virgin eyeshadow. Its the only eyeshadow I have hit pan on in both my Naked palettes. It's completely gone so I had to purchase more as it is one of my must have eyeshadows now. So that was it for what I needed. The rest of the stuff I grabbed on my way up to the register. Sephora is good at distracting me with the goodies by the register. Does anyone else get completely distracted? First I noticed that some of the Kat Von D lipsticks were on clearance for $5! They didn't have the color I was hoping the would but I picked the Kat Von D Foiled Lipstick in Beranice. I'll be doing a small review and using this in a tutorial soon. Also on my way up the register I noticed they had a few travel sizes out so I grabbed that Urban Decay Naked BB Balm and the GlamGlow Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask. They are both travel sizes which is good for trying them out. I was really hoping to get the other GlamGlow mask. I think its the skin clearing one. But they did have a travel size in that one but if I like this one I may actually purchase the bigger size. So keep an eye out for a review on it!(: Also I've been hearing good things about the Naked BB Balm so I'll do a review on that too!  Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this small Sephora haul. I did buy some cloths and I was going to include them but it just didn't feel like enough to include it. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm hoping to have another post up later but I'm not sure what yet. Thank you for reading(:

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