Sunday, May 26, 2013

My new hair dilema...

Hi! I'm completely stuck on what hair color I want to do next. Here is my hair now.
I hate it right now. It's fading and its just kinda blah to me. But then again I always liked the more dramatic options I feel like. Here are the 2 options I'm thinking.
Option #1: Blonde
The Pros:
I have always just loved being blonde it's my favorite hair color on me.
My natural color is blonde so color maintenance isn't too bad.
I get less bored with my hair when it's blonde because I know once it's dark it is a  process to get back.
It will cost a bit to get it blonde but I don't need extensions.
The Cons:
Blonde is always a little more damaging because it uses bleach
It can be costly because I will need products to repair the damage
It may not be the best color for growing my hair out because of the damage
Option #2: Ombre
The Pros:
Would dye my hair dark and get extensions and have those be the ombre part.
 This would be good since I'm trying to grow my hair out and I would only have to touch up my roots.
I can dye my roots myself and it would be very cheap.
I would still get to have some blonde.
The Cons:
But I would have to get extensions which would be about 2-4 more weeks at least.
I'm nervous to actually ombre my extensions. I'm buying them in blonde and dyeing the top half darker and fading it into the blonde.
Does anyone else have trouble deciding between colors when you are looking for something new? By the way these are both Tracy from Jerseylicious. I'm trying to make a decision soon. Sorry this is kind of a senseless post but I don't know I like sharing what I'm thinking of doing and getting options and seeing what other people have tried and so on. I'm hoping to have a tutorial up soon. I tried doing one tonight but the pictures were bad. Anyways thank you for reading!

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