Friday, October 18, 2013

Beauty and Things Haul

Hi! So today is sort of my last haul of makeup things until project 10 pan is over. I just got a few things I wanted and a few things I needed. So here is everything I got(:
Most of this is from Ulta but 2 things are from Sephora and 1 from Bath and Body Works. So every year I look forward to Bath and Body Works having their fall candles. This year I didn't see any I was dying to have besides the Sweater Weather and Autumn. However I passed this one called Cider Donut and fell in love! And to make things even better it was on the 50% off shelf! So it was only $10 which made my day. It's sweet smelling with a hint of apple. Its awesome(: Next at Sephora I actually had one of my worst shopping experiences there today. There was some kind of class going on so it was busy. Not to mention no sales people would talk to us but one made sure she stopped and gave me a dirty look without saying anything. I really wanted my birthday gift but I didn't want to hang out any longer so I grabbed the Living Proof Prime Style Extender. I've been wanting to give this a try so watch for a review maybe(; If you haven't grabbed you Sephora birthday gift yet it's a small Benefit Watts Up highlighter and the They're Real mascara. I'm excited to try out the highlighter. And on to the Ulta stuff! First I started with Revlon which was buy one get one 50%. I decided to refill my Revlon ColorStay in Buff. Mine is for oily/combination skin. I also decided that I needed this quad after seeing ciaoobelllaxo/Megan use this in a recent tutorial. Here is a close up of these gorgeous fall colors(;

The lightest color has like a gold tone to it which is beautiful and I like the green toned color too. I'm excited to try this out(: Next the Ulta brand eyeshadows were 3 for $9 which is a pretty good deal. Since I liked Twilight so much I have high hopes for these.

I got these in Sunburst (right), Truffle (upper middle), and Deep Sea (left). Sunbrust reminds of Expensive Pink from MAC. It's like a pinkish orange with a gold duo chrome. Truffle is like a gold neutral color. And deep sea is aqua blue with a green duo chrome. I'm super excited to play around with these. Then I moved on to NYX which was also having the buy one get one 50% off sale. So I exchanged two of the round lipsticks I bought last month for a different round lipstick in Pure Nude.

I have some high hopes for this lipstick but I'm sure I'll be able to make it work either way. Let me know if you have tried this lipstick and what you think(: Next I decided to grab a matte lipstick. I was looking for Tea Rose but my bf ended up grabbing this one asking if I liked it and I really do. It's called Whipped Caviar.

It's like a dark nude pink color. Watch for this in a tutorial soon! Next I bought another item because of ciaoobelllaxo/Megan. It's the Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee. Sorry I don't have a close up of this but it's a pretty nude gloss and it smells yummy. I can't wait to try it. It have one of the NYX matte lip creams and I love the texture so I'm sure I'll love this. And lastly for the NYX products I grabbed a lip pencil in Cabaret. It's a darker red shade. I got it to use with my MAC Russian Red lipstick and Dark Side. That was it for NYX but Ardell was having the same sale so I got two sets of lashes. The first set is the fashion lashes in 120 demi and the second is technically Andrea brand and it's in the number 33. I'm thinking I'll use the 33's for Halloween but we'll see.

 Lastly I picked up a few random little things. I grabbed some bobby pins (they always disappear) in bronze. And lastly I grabbed this Nads Eyebrow Shaper. It's pen like thing that you twist up the wax and then you apply a strip and rip it off. I hope this works good. So maybe a review on that too?  I was going to get the CoverGirl Outlast Foundation but changed my mind when I noticed the Revlon sale and figured I could save it for after Project 10 Pan. So I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post. I won't have a post up tomorrow as we are going to Six Flags but I will have something up soon. Thank you for reading(:
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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