Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Living Proof First Impression

Hi! So I wanted to do a quick first impressions post today. I tried this after taking a shower yesterday. After my hair was dry I didn't flat iron or anything I waited a few hours. But right away I noticed that my hair was amazingly soft. It felt really healthy. Later I decided to started to straighten my hair. Usually I do this in sections but I decided to just run over the ends of it and my hair styled so easily and perfectly. I was super impressed. This is how my hair looked after I straightened just the ends.

It just looks so shiny and healthy. I remember someone described it as making their hair feel like it was just styled at the salon and I would definitely agree. I personally love that feeling. So being able to get that feeling at home is great.

The Next Day: So far my hair has had the same awesome feeling as yesterday and my hair actually seems less oily today than it usually would be. It still feels super smooth. I did straightened it a little more today but it was still pretty straight from last night.

As of right now this may be a new holy grail hair product for me. I will do a more in depth review later but I was too impressed with this not to do some kind of post on it right now. Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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