Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sock Buns(:

Hi! So today I'm doing a quick post on sock buns! The one in my picture below is actually using a sock because my hair is so short. But I do have one of those hair donuts that is like the netting stuff. It's just too fat for my hair to fit around right now :/ So here is how my hair looked.
As you can see I have a little bit of volume and it's a little messy. That is the way I like mine but some people like theirs perfect and slicked back. Ok so if you are going for mine this is what you need.
-Hairspray (I actually used my Big Sexy Hairspray instead)
-Bobby Pins
- a Hair Tie (not pictured sorry!)
-Shine Spray (optional)
-Volumizing Powder (mine is the Matrix Design Pulse Mega Dust)
So I started this out with day old hair. I added some dry shampoo so my hair wouldn't look oily and to give my hair some texture. The dry shampoo isn't a must though because the volumizing powder does wonders. Now to pump up the volume I sprinkled the Mega Dust through out my hair. I mostly concentrated it in the front where I wanted the volume. I then worked it in with my fingers and you should notice a difference in the amount of volume you have. Next I took my comb and smoothed the underside of my hair while I used my fingers for the sides and top. I put my hair in a ponytail where ever you want your bun at. Here is the point where you can adjust the volume.  You can tighten the ponytail for less volume or take the skinny end of your comb and tug at it a little to get more. Also maybe add some more powder if your want more volume. Next I took my sock at the end of my ponytail and rolled it down like the usual sock bun till you get to the base of the ponytail. Next just tuck in any loose ends with bobby pins and help secure your bun. Because I have short layers they were sticking out like crazy which means I used a lot of hairspray to make them lay down. Once you feel like everything is secure hairspray away. I spray the sides and underneath since I have lots of little baby hairs and then the actually bun. If you don't care if you have little hairs that pop out of the bun I would either skip the hairspray or use a light hold hairspray. It gives it a more relaxed look but in my case I need the hair to cover my sock. Lastly I spray some shine spray to obviously add a little shine and make it just a little prettier.
For option two the more perfect slicked back bun. I would skip the volumizing powder and add some oil or wax. The oil is great because it adds shine and helps slick the hair back but don't use too much. So for this I don't have a picture :( but with your hair down apply oil to your hair concentrating this on the front pieces of hair that you will see the most when your hair is slicked back. Next take a comb or I actually like to use my boar bristle teasing brush. Looks like this.
I feel like this really helps me get my hair slicked back and even. So once you have slicked back to your preferences you can use your ponytail holder/hair tie. You can use oil again if you want to apply more or add shine. You could also use a wax or pomade which will help slick back baby hairs and you can find ones that have good hold and add shine (the Aveda men's pomade is great). Also if you want that slicked back bun you can tighten your ponytail to make sure it is nice and secure. Next roll your sock down to the base of your ponytail. Tuck in any loose ends with bobby pins and help secure your bun. Once you feel like everything is secure you can hairspray to make sure everything stays in place. Again you can use a shine spray to add some beautiful shine if you want to. And you are finished! I know this was kind of a little post but I hope you guys liked it. Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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