Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Project 10 Pan Expanded To Project 20 Pan!

Hi! I've been watching lots of youtube videos lately of Project 10 Pan or sometimes up to Project 50 Pan. I could probably never do the 50 pan but I decided to bump this up to Project 20 pan so here is the list I started with:
1.UD Naked BB Cream
2. 2 of my 4 Mascaras
3.Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel
4.Tarte Primer Trio
5.UD Binge 24/7 Pencil Liner
6.MAC Hue Lipstick
7.L'Oreal Lumi Foundation
8.3 Setting Powders
9.MAC Angel or Creme Cup Lipstick
10.Big Sexy Hairspray and Bedhead Superstar Spray
Bonus Items
11.Clinique Moisturising Gel
12.Paul Mitchell Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner

I figured whatever 10 items I finished first would be my Project 10 Pan and I was hoping this would last until about Christmas. Yes only 2 months but I'm trying to start small. I realized that this would probably only last me a month because I'm already half way through my L'Oreal Lumi Foundation. So I decided to up it to 20 and whatever 20 items I finish first are my Project 20 Pan since I have a few bonus items. I'm still going to try to finish up the extra items after this is over. I am allowing myself some exceptions. I cannot purchase any makeup or hair items unless it is important. Like I would be amazed if that Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner lasted until Christmas. But shampoo and conditioner is an essential so if I run out I will repurchase more. Also I'm not counting gifts as breaking the rules since my birthday is the 23rd and I'm hoping this will go until Christmas. Only if I purchase makeup with my own money. So onto the items I'm adding.

13. Elf Blush and Bronzer Duo- I've hit pan on both of these. I really just want to use it up. I would like to repurchase this or the Nars version later.
14. Buxom Lip Gloss in Princess- I really just don't like the color of this anymore. I have used quite a bit but in the end would just like to see it gone. I probably won't repurchase this exact shade but I might purchase a different shade that I would wear more.
15. Sephora Shadow Pencil- I've had this awhile and don't really use it much anymore. Again just trying to get rid of it.
 16. Sephora Flashy Eyeliner in White- I bought this hoping it would be like NYX Milk and it wasn't so I ended up just buying Milk and now I haven't used this in forever.
17. Nars Copacabana Illuminator- This is a sample from Sephora but I'm not really a huge fan of it so I would like to use it up. I would like a powder highlighter like the ones from the Balm.
18. MAC Eyeshadow in Yogurt- I bought this thinking there was some tutorial on youtube that I really liked and this was the main lid color they used. It wasn't and I feel like I don't have much use for it. It's a very light matte pink color. I just want to use this for my MAC empties.
19. Pureology Silk Bodifier- I got this as a sample from my last job and I hate the smell. I also feel like it does nothing for my hair so I don't want to see it on my vanity anymore.
20. Avon Bond Girl Perfume- There isn't much of this left. It was a gift and I just want to use it up and get some new perfumes in my collection. 
21. Random Hairspray- I don't really know what brand this is. Maybe Surface? Either way I don't like it. It's crunchy and smells bad. It was another sample. Just want it gone!
22. Bath and Body Works Body Butter- This smells amazing but I've had it awhile and I'm ready to just finish it up. I don't have much left(:

23. Bare Minerals Eyeshadow Set- I've had this like since I really started collecting makeup and it's time to say good bye. I would like to use up at least 2 of these eyeshadows and then give the rest to my cousin. If I use up more great, if not it's good for her. I just would like to get some use out of it(:

24. Stila Lip Glosses- These are ok but I feel like they are just taking up space. I don't reach for these very often and I figured I might as well use them up.
25.Smashbox Burlesque Set- I've had this for a long time and I have used up the liner with this set but I would like to use up some of the other products in this.

26.Bare Minerals Touch Up Veil- I got this for Vegas as a travel size setting powder but I wasn't a huge fan of it so I took my Cover Fx Powder instead. Just want to use this up.

So I have 6 extra items. I also would kind of like to use up my MAC Veluxe Pencil but if I don't that's ok. I just want to try some new brow products. I'm also hoping to use my UD 24/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion so I can try a gel liner. Again if I don't its ok. I'm excited to share my progress with you guys. I'm not sure if I'm going to do like monthly updates or just whenever I finish something update you guys. I guess we'll see how it goes. I'm sure by the end of the week I'll have finished some products. I'm hoping to finish up the perfume, my moisturizer, and my elf setting powder. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I may have tutorial up later or a fotd. Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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