Monday, October 14, 2013

Product 10 Pan.... Sort of....

Hi! So today's post is a little different. I decided it's time to clean out my makeup and not add to the madness. I thought now would be a good time for project 10 pan. The only issue with starting this now is my birthday is the 23rd -_- Not the ideal time to start however my collection needs it. So I will have a haul up later this week and that will be my last makeup haul for a little while. I may get the UD Vice 2 palette a little later because I can't make myself wait until this is over to get my hands on that beautiful palette. So anyways let's see my 10 products(:
1. UD Naked BB Balm- I just am not on the whole BB Cream bandwagon. I think it's a good option if you like sheer foundation or usually just wear moisturizer but that's not me. I do wear this product like going to the gym or if I'm running errands and I can't stand having a naked face that day. But honestly it just sits in my makeup bag being used once in a while. And of course I ended up getting a sample of it from work so I would like to use that up too.
What I want to replace it with later- So once product 10 pan is over and I can buy more products I would like to get a small Smashbox BB Cream. I've heard better things about it and while I'm not a big BB cream fan I would like to try it out. I may decide to skip it though and not get another BB cream.
2. Mascaras!!! I do not like having a lot of mascaras because they expire so quickly, dry out fast, and etc. Ideally I would like to use up the Sephora Atomic Volume mascara and the L'Oreal Voluminous  Million lashes however I will probably use up the Dior one first because it is only a sample.
What I want to replace it with later- Once I get rid of a couple of these I plan on either repurchasing the Benefit They're Real or trying a new mascara that I have yet to try.
3. Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel- This color doesn't really match as well with my darker hair. I usually add a little bit about my MAC Veluxe pencil to darker the color right now. It's almost gone so I just want to finish it up and be done.
What I want to replace it with later- I really want to try the Benefit Gimme Brow. It's a tinted gel and I really want to try something that might be a little quicker and maybe more natural looking.

4.Tarte Primers- I really liked this little trio but as a beauty blogger/junkie I love trying new products. I think the face primers are fantastic but of course I've had my eye on the NYX Shine Killer and the Lorac Porefection one. The eye primer is good but I prefer my UD Primer Potion.
What I want to replace this with later- Like I said the NYX Shine Killer or Lorac Porefection but I have also considered going back to the Benefit Porefessional or a UD primer for the face.

5. UD Binge 24/7 Liner- I bought this as a travel size off ebay and I'm thinking it maybe a fake. It just does not stay on my waterline which I have not had that problem with any of my other UD liners. Also Sabbath is more what I wanted. Not planning on replacing this with anything since I already own Sabbath.

6. MAC Hue Lipstick- I LOVE this lipstick. It's my favorite nude lipstick and I can't find another I love as much as this. I can't even find a dupe for it. I have the tiniest amount left that I have managed to stretch out but I think it's time to finish it up and get a new one. I depotted it from the tube into this Sephora sample container and this is all I have left. So I'll be replacing it with the same thing just a new one(:
7.L'Oreal Lumi Foundation- I feel like I've had this awhile and just don't want it anymore. This is going to be the hardest one for me to get rid of. My plan is to mix it with my current foundations.
What I want to replace it with later- I think I want to replace it with a new drugstore foundation I want to try but I don't have a particular one picked out right now.

8. Setting Powders- I have 3 different face powders. So the first one is a CoverGirl one I have had for a long time but it is almost gone so I just want to clear it out of my makeup collection. It doesn't really offer much coverage or oil control so I won't miss it. The second is my elf HD powder. Just not loving this one anymore and don't want it taking up space. And lastly my beloved Cover FX powder foundation. This offers coverage and good oil control however I have hit pan.
What I want to replace it with later- I love my Cover FX powder but I want to try something new so I'm thinking the NYX matte powder or I was thinking the Cargo Blu-ray Powder but I may even try the new tarte powder foundation. So I have a few options I'm thinking about.

9. MAC Creme Cup and Angel Lipstick- These lipsticks are too similar for me. I really only need one or the other. I'm hoping to use up Angel because I don't really like the frost finishes from MAC (Odyssey this the exception though). I think the color is pretty but again they are too similar plus I'm hoping to trade in some MAC empties instead of having to buy Hue. So I have no plans to replace them right now. (Angel is the one on the left and Creme Cup is on the right)
10.Big Sexy Hairspray and Bedhead Superstar Thickening Spray- I've had these 2 for awhile and just do not want them anymore. I got a sample of the Kenra 25 hairspray after hearing people rave about it and it is now my favorite. However I didn't want to buy one while I still had this one sitting around. As for the Bedhead spray I feel like it doesn't do much for my hair so I would like to use it up and try some other volumizing/thickening products. I'm thinking these are going to take me awhile to get rid of too.
What I want to replace this with- For the hairspray obviously I want to replace it with Kenra. As for the Bedhead spray I don't have a specific product picked out but I'm thinking about maybe giving Living Proof a try.

11. Bonus Item! Clinique Moisturising Gel- I really like this but I feel like trying something new. This is almost gone but every time I think I'm done with it, more comes out.
What I want to replace this with- I'm thinking maybe a philosophy moisturizer or maybe one by murad. Just going to pick one out after these are all gone.

12. Paul Mitchell Color Shampoo and Conditiner- I literally just bought these and they don't really lather and don't feel like they are getting my hair clean so I would like to use them up and get something new.
What I want to replace them with- I'm missing my Joico damage shampoo and conditiner so I think I will repurchase those. (sorry for not having a picture)
So these are my 10 (technically 12) products for this project. I'm going to keep you updated when I use something up or if I make a lot of progress. I'm hoping this will go kind of quick because I could see some things being hard to be without like my beloved hue lipstick. I had already planned on getting a few things Friday that are not related to this project ( like false lashes) so after Friday this will officially begin. It will be very hard to not buy more makeup for the time being but I think I can handle it. Thank you for reading and I should have another post up tomorrow(:
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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