Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Olay Fresh Effects Va-Va-Vivid!

Hi! It's basically been review week! A lot of them are ones I have gotten in the last couple months but I haven't got to really test out enough to have a review up sooner. As you guys know I've been LOVING my Simple Skincare Set I got. Also with it being winter I've still been using my moisturizing face wash. Well I also got this kit.

It comes with the little brush thing and a small face wash. So I'll start my review with the brush thing. I've been wanting to try a Clarisonic for awhile but I can't make myself suck it up and pay that much for it. I thought I would try one of the many cheaper alternatives. I mean it might not be as good but something so I could at least try it out first. I decided on the Olay one because Olay stuff seems to work pretty good for my skin. It claims to clean your skin 400% better than washing your face with your hands. While I don't scientically know if it cleaned my skin 400% percent more, I will say it definitely cleaned my skin more. For example if I have makeup on and I hope in the shower and wash my face with my hands, when I get out I will stay have makeup on my face. If I take a makeup remover wipe foundation will still come off onto the wipe. With this I get out and my face is CLEAN! But not that tight squeaky clean feeling. I would almost described it as feeling refreshed. Another reason I love this is it removes dead skin. For some reason around my nose piercing I have a lot of dry dead skin. Washing my face with my hands the dead skin is still there. Washing my face with this gets all the dead skin off and my skin looks better. This thing is awesome! I know its little but it really gets into all the contours of your face and gets it clean. The set was worth purchasing just for this alone but it does come with a small face wash. The cleanser is the Olay Shine, Shine Go Away. It is suppose to fight oil/shine. I do think this works a little. I don't see a huge difference when I use this but I do notice a slight difference. The way this face wash smells though is amazing! I wish I could think of what it reminds me of. Maybe lilac? It is also grey in color if that matters. Its a thicker cleanser but I like it. It lathers up fairly easy too. So would I purchase this set again? YES! I love the little brush thing. The cleanser is just a nice bonus to me. It also makes washing your face some how easier. So if you have noticed this and considered trying it I would recommend giving it a shot. I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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