Saturday, March 15, 2014

Review: Maybelline Clean Express Eye Makeup Remover

Hi! I thought maybe I wouldn't do a review on this but I decided to go ahead since I've been doing lots of reviews. I bought this quite awhile ago. I do believe I have it in a haul somewhere on here. So I bought this because I didn't read the packaging. I was watching one of my favorite youtubers and she was doing a video on how to properly remove all of your makeup. She talked about taking a makeup remover gel and applying it to your face to remove your makeup. So I grabbed this not reading it.
It clearly says it's an eye makeup remover -_-  How I missed that I don't know. Anyways I will be reviewing this as a eye makeup remover but I thought I would share the funny story. So I apply some of this on my cotton round and then simply (gently) wipe off my eye makeup remover. This works really good at getting my eyeshadow off. However mascara is a different story. It takes a little more work to get my mascara off and sometimes it still doesn't quite get it all off. But one thing I do really like about this is it is VERY gentle around your eyes. It doesn't hurt or sting and it also being a gel is kinda cooling. So would I repurchase this? Probably not because I'm a huge fan of makeup remover wipes. But if for whatever reason I needed an eye makeup remover I would get this because I think it works ok at a decent price. If you are looking for a new eye makeup remover I would give this one a shot. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and thank you for reading!
- Eat Sleep Makeup

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