Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Anastasia Dipbrow Pommade

Hi! At first I thought maybe this review was maybe a bit repetitive since this product is already so raved about. But I wouldn't say my review of it is raving. Today I am reviewing the Anastasia Dipbrow. I bought this myself because of all the raving reviews. Starting with packaging its a glass little jar. Overall I like the packaging. It's pretty and simple. However definitely make sure your cap is on tight so it doesn't dry out. For the actual product it's a lot like a gel liner. Maybe a little smoother or creamier. It is very pigmented! So my first time using this product I was no this is going back. I hate when I eyebrows looked "painted" and this gave mine that look. You really have to be careful how much product you get on your brush. I also recommend starting on the outer end of your brow so the most color is deposited there. It takes some work but you can sue this to fill in your brows and make them look nice. Here is a few pictures of me wearing it. I have the shade Chocolate.

It definitely looks nice in pictures. In person it looks pretty good too. I wouldn't describe this product as making your brows look natural. It is so pigmented it's kind of hard to get that natural look. It's possible but pretty hard to do. I also have heard numerous people say this product shortens the time it takes to do their brows. I have to disagree. It takes me just as long if not longer to fill in my brows with this. I know this is one of those products that maybe with practice it will get easier to use. Right now I think though that this isn't the easiest product to use or quickest. So my overall feelings of this product are kind of on the fence. I think if you like the "natural" look this product might not be for you. I think if you like a really defined brow shape this is good for that. I think it's a product you have to try out and kind form your own opinion about. Especially brows since everyone has different feelings about their brows. So if your curious maybe head to your local Ulta or Sephora and have an associate try it out on you or purchase it and play with it at home. I would at least check it out(: I hope this review was sort of helpful lol. Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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