Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Makeup Mistakes!

Hi! So one be prepared to see an embarrassing photo of me today and secondly this post is inspired by emilynoel83's video of her top 5 makeup mistakes. I'm 22 so it's not like I've been wearing makeup a long time. But I started in about 6th grade with just lip gloss and it progressed from there. So a lot of these mistakes are ones I have made in late middle school and high school.
Starting with number one I think is something you've guys seen me do even here on my blog. So here is number one...
1. Wrong Foundation Shade- Especially in high school this was a problem. I was so fair and a lot of drugstore foundations were still way too dark for my skin. However on the other end of the spectrum I have wore foundation too light before. I remember for a friends birthday party I applied some sunless tanner/bronzer and the only foundation I had was too light. I thought I could make it work but looking back at the pictures I'm deeply embarrassed. Foundation shade is sooooooo important. My L'Oreal Lumi is dark so you may have noticed that around my blog but I only use it for tutorials.
2. Smokey Raccoon Eyes....During The Day- One of the first makeup looks I did was like a punk smokey eye. I was really into skate boarding and rock music so I needed the makeup to match lol. I still am sort of into that stuff but I dont' wear a smokey eye during the day usually. Also it used to be pretty raccoon looking.
3. No Eyebrows- I have super blonde eyebrows and when I was younger I didn't understand filling them in. I didn't realize the difference this could make.
4. No Mascara- I don't really understand this one. But for some reason I used to wear my dark smokey eye without mascara. This was only a sometimes thing but my dark shadows had so much fallout it would make my lashes dark. Of course it wouldn't last all day it would be obvious I wasn't wearing mascara. I don't know why I did this. I just can't understand it.
5. Bad Nude Lips- I used to blank out my lips with my foundation and then put a gloss on top that basically made them white. It just looked bad.

Alright because I love my readers and because I think it's good to make fun of yourself every once in awhile, here is what that hot mess looked like. I don't think it looked quite this bad back then but you get the idea lol. I recreated it for you(:
I mean I had a boyfriend and everything so it seriously must not have looked this bad lol. Let's take a second to compare this to how I do my makeup now.
So much better now especially with foundation that matches. I also want to say I really do believe in the "there are no rules to makeup" thing. If you want to wear a foundation shade that is darker than your skintone go ahead. Whatever is going to make you happy at the end of the day(: This is just a list of things that I personally thought of as mistakes for myself. And don't get me wrong sometimes I do wear a dark smokey eye during the day because that's the fun in makeup(: So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and had a laugh. Thanks for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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