Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Project Pan Update # 2 and Empties

Hi! I have decided to continue doing weekly project pan updates since I'm doing it for such a short time. This week I feel like I made some really good progress. I also have a few Empties to throw in. So let's start with those.

First is my little tiny Moroccan Oil Treatment. I really like this stuff. It smells amazing and adds gorgeous shine to your hair. I probably would repurchase this product (the big bottle) but I'll wait till my hair gets longer.

Next is my MAC Studio Fix Foundation. I have another one already that I've been using. I don't know why but I changed to my newer bottle before this one was completely out. I always stock up on this foundation. 1 out of 6 MAC Empties(:

Now onto the Product Pan stuff I have finished. First is my DiorShow Iconic OverCurl Mascara :( I love this mascara! I like can't even explain! It makes my lashes looked defined but voluminous and like they are just naturally fabulous. I'm so sad to see it go!

Next is my Avon Bond Girl Perfume. I'm glad to see this go. I didn't realize I had so little left and how much room it was taking up on my dresser. I like the scent but it feels like I've had this for awhile so I'm sick of it. I probably won't repurchase this even though I always get compliments when I wear it.

I finished one of my Tarte primers! I have completely used up my Tarte Pore Primer. I'm not surprised since this was my favorite from the trio. I would repurchase this but I like trying new things so I may in the future.

Now to update you on the rest. My L'Oreal Lumi Foundation is just a tad lower. I didn't get to use it a lot this week. Instead of being right above the word sunscreen it is like in the middle of the word. This is where it is now.

I have continued to use my UD BB Cream everyday I wear makeup and it still shows no sign of stopping :/. I really thought this would be gone a lot faster. With the remaining 3 mascaras I feel like my L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes is getting low while the Sephora Atomic Volume shows no signs of being done. I was hoping that would go next because the wand hurts my lashes and lid. My Rimmel brow pencil is a tiny tiny stub.  I continue to use it everyday. Here is what that looks like.

My Tarte primers I haven't really used. I've used the eye primer quite a bit but the face brightening primer only like 2-3 times. My UD Binge liner I have not touched. I hate even looking at it lol. I'm still holding onto my beloved MAC Hue lipstick. Again it could have been in my empties post but I'm saving it for a special occasion. Out of the remaining two setting powders. I have used the Elf one a few times but it hasn't made much of a dent. MAC Angel I feel like I have made good progress on. At first I thought it was going to take me forever to use it up but if you reapply through out the day it goes so much faster. Here it was at my last update.

And now...

It doesn't really look like there is less but there is. I used my Big Sexy Hairspray a few times and I think it's getting lower. With my Bedhead Superstar Spray I continue to use it after ever shower. It feels like it's getting low but I really want it gone. My Paul Mitchell Shampoo and Conditioner a slight difference in a week. I think I'm going to run out of shampoo before conditioner because I have hair masks I sometimes use for conditioner. My Elf blush and bronzer I have used a few times. The bronzer more than the blush probably. But again they don't look much different. My Buxom Princess Gloss I've used a few times but I don't think there looks like much of a difference. This is where it started.

And this is where it is now...

It has went down some. I have used my Sephora pencils a few times. I haven't used the flashy white one as much as the other. But again not a notable difference. I did sharpen the black Sephora pencil which I feel like is progress. I have been using my Nars Copacabana Illuminator everyday I wear makeup but it is going slowly but surely. This is how that looks.

It's getting dried out. It's not really a liquid anymore. It's like a cream now. That should be gone soon. I use my MAC Yogurt eyeshadow almost every time I wear makeup. Again not much of a dent but I think it is starting to cave in a little. I have not used my Pureology Silk Bodifier at all. I'm trying so hard to use up the Bedhead one I forget about this one. I'm tossing the random hairspray. I seriously can't stand it but it is not counting as a completed item in this project. On the other hand I have used my Bare Minerals eyeshadow set a few times. More than last week but no signs of any of the shadows being done. I haven't touched the Burlesque set at all. I'm thinking about keeping the all over highlighter and giving the rest to my cousin but we will see. I have made good progress on my Bare Mineral Touch Up Veil. I use this everyday and touch up throughout the day. It has a small dent. I think that will be gone by the end of November. I have made huge progress with my Stila Lip Glazes. I hate these so the fact that I want them gone has helped me use them up. I again bring these to work and reapply through out the day so they go that much faster. This is what they look like now.
 Before they were below the T in Stila. So I consider this pretty good progress. And lastly the big question. DID I CHEAT?... Yes :( I bought one makeup product. I plan on doing a review for you guys but it is the Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Set. I was going to wait but my boss said we will sell out of them even though we had about 20. She said last for the holidays they did and people were upset. I decided I couldn't wait to see if we would sellout or not. I do feel guilty but I'm hoping I can make it the rest of my Project Pan without making a purchase. But I have completed 3 out 20 items. I need to finish one more mascara for that to count and the rest of the Tarte primers for that to count. I'm hoping to be at 10 completed items by the end of the month or at least close. Watch for my next update next Tuesday. Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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