Thursday, November 7, 2013

Naked, Naked2, and NAKED 3!?!?

Hi! This post is kind of my person thought on the fabulous Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Yes pretty much everyone owns these or at least as heard the hype. I wanted to share my experience with them now that I have had them for a long time. So starting with the original Naked palette. This is how mine currently looks.

I have completely used up Virgin and I bought a full size of this shadow because it was my favorite from the palette. It was just one of those perfect colors that has so many uses. Naked is the next shadow I have recently hit pan on. I'm a bit surprised because I feel like I use Buck and Darkhorse more than this. However I can tell Sidecar and Darkhorse are both close to hitting pan. Now once I hit pan usually it's not too much longer before it's gone :( This palette is very warm toned as has been discussed. I personally love that it is warm toned. I love all the colors. Gunmetal is the least used shadow in this palette of mine. I think adding Creep and Gunmetal were a good idea to create smokey eyes however. If I could change one thing I would get rid of Creep and put in Blackout. I would rather have a matte black shadow. I feel like I have more use for a matte black. Of course the shadows are all pigmented and gorgeous in their own way. On to the packaging before Naked 2 I loved the packaging. I thought it was cute and sleek. I also thought it was great because I could take out the brush and put an eyeliner in there which would be better for travel. The palette does come with a brush. I haven't really used it. The old ones came with the double ended eyeliner. They also come with a sample sized Primer Potion which I think is fantastic. The magnet helps keep the palette closed. However after Naked 2 came out I was sad because that packaging is so much better for traveling. You don't have to worry as much about it accidentally coming open. Also the mirror was a little small for this palette. So just highlights of why I love this palette. It's very versatile. You can create tons of different looks. It's great for traveling. This also goes with it being versatile but it has enough shadows that you create several looks for a trip and not need another eyeshadow. The eyeshadows are that awesome creamy pigmented shadows that Urban Decay has become famous for. They apply like butter and the staying power even without primer is awesome. If you like warm toned eyeshadows I would definitely recommend this palette. Would I repurchase this? Of course and I already have plans to. I think once I hit pan on another eyeshadow I will give this one to my cousin (she asks for all my makeup hand me downs) and purchase a new one. I don't want to go out and purchase a bunch of the single shadows because that kind of ruins the convenience of having it in one palette. To replace Darkhorse, Naked, and Sidecar would cost me $54 so it would be smarter to repurchase the palette. I could keep the old one and use up those shadows and then start on my second one which is an idea I may consider. But we will see.
Now on to Naked 2! When I heard this was coming out I was so excited! I waited about a month and ran out and purchased it. This is how mine currently looks.

At first I loved it. But now that love has faded. While I think this palette is just as great as the first. I'm  just not as crazy about the colors in this one. And I think it's because these are more cool toned. It does have it's warm shadows like Chopper and Half Baked. I have hit pan on Bootycall and Foxy and Tease are not far behind. This palette has some of the shades I wish the original Naked had like Blackout and I think a matte highlight would have been nice. The next most used shadows in this palette for me are Blackout and Suspect. For least used it's a tie between Half Baked (only because it's in both palettes), Pistol, and YDK. Again the actual shadows are fantastic though. They are still very pigmented and creamy.  The packaging with this one is fantastic! The mirror is bigger and the actual palette is more sturdy. It stays latched shut which makes it great for traveling. I also think it looks really chic. This one comes with a double ended brush and a lip junkie in Naked. While I like the gloss I wish it would have come with another Primer Potion. You can never have too much Primer Potion(: Like I said the gloss is nice though and I have considered purchasing the full size one when this gloss is gone. It just we were taught at work if someone is buying an eyeshadow you recommend an eyeliner or mascara. Just something to go with their new eyeshadow so I feel like we should be getting mascaras, eyeliners, or the primer. If people like the mascara or eyeliner they are more likely to buy the full size and with the primer people are more likely to buy the full size one and less likely to return the palette because the primer helps the shadows last longer. All around this palette is fantastic though. I would recommend this palette if you like cool toned eyeshadows. However would I buy this again? It's a toss up! It has nothing to do with the quality of the palette but my personal preferences. I don't use this palette as much as my original Naked but as an avid makeup collector(; I like having this in my collection. If the shadows run out I probably wouldn't repurchase this or I wait awhile before I do. I do like using it for makeup on other people as well as having it in my collection. I guess we will wait and see(:

And now on to something less talked about. But there are several rumors going around that Urban Decay will be releasing a new Naked palette...Naked 3! The story goes a Sephora in France accidentally released the palette early and a lucky few managed to get their hands on one. Some say this was no accident and it was a publicity stunt by Urban Decay to create buzz. Some say the palette is fake which was definitely my first thought. Some even said Sephora bought the fakes and sold them thinking they were real Urban Decay. I'm going to link you to some blogs that talk about the Naked 3 palettes and one of a girl from France that purchased one.

Urban Decay has denied that there is a Naked 3 but I heard they did the same thing when there were rumors about a Naked 2 so not much help there :/ At first I was like these are just the Original and Naked 2 shadows put together in one fake palette.  The packaging was similar to the Naked 2 palette but one thing I noticed is the inside of my Naked 2 palette (the plastic part the shadows sit in) is much darker than this new palette. Which made me start to think it wasn't fake. Several people have said the French Sephora store has emailed them telling it is real and to keep quiet however this is the internet. Some people have said that they work at Sephora and they were told it is coming but to keep it under wraps. I working at a makeup store have not heard anything about this yet. If a Urban Decay rep comes in I will ask. I'm not quite sure what to think myself about it being fake or real. My thought about the palette from just looking at it I think I may try this one out. I hate the packaging but the shadows have this pink/rose tone to them which looks so pretty but I definitely need to play around with it myself first.

UPDATE: I wrote this earlier today. But I am so very happy that about one hours ago Urban Decay announced that there is a Naked 3 palette coming our way! So go check out the pictures and enjoy!

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