Monday, November 11, 2013

Concealing Your Roots In A Pinch!

Hi! I recently faced a dilemma I haven't really faced before. I made myself an appointment to get my hair done but it's for next Friday. But as I was driving home I realized we had family pictures tomorrow and it has been two months since I've had my hair done. Which means a nice inch of blonde outgrowth against my dark brown hair. I knew root concealers exist but the ones I found were expensive. Like $30 which isn't terrible but it isn't really reasonable for a one time use. My hair can handle another week of roots but I really just wanted something for tomorrow. So I got home and immediately started thinking. First I tried my MAC Veluxe Pencil which was working but it very time consuming. Next I considered a brown mascara before I even tried the idea I talked myself out of it. Next I considered a hat which really seemed like the option I was really going to go with. However I've been leaving my Project Pan stuff laying out and I noticed my coffee bean eyeshadow. It was a dark matte brown that seemed like it would match perfectly. I wasn't completely sure what would be the best method so I poured a small amount onto some paper and dipped my powder brush in. I brushed it lightly along my roots. This was the end result.
 As you can see the left side matches my hair and the right side has some blonde outgrowth and then my color. For pictures this covered really well and no one in person knew until I told them. However since this is a matte powder I would recommend very lightly spraying some shine spray on your hair. Another option for covering roots is Batiste has colored dry shampoo however I personally have not been able to test these out yet but I heard they can help blend roots. If your blonde using baby powder can make dark roots look a less dark. One other thing I have really noticed that some how makes roots less notice is volume. I'm not really sure why but when you have big gorgeous volume your roots don't appear as noticeable. I just thought I would share this quick tip with you guys. I will have a tutorial up tomorrow. Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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