Saturday, December 28, 2013

Going Red! How I Got My Red Hair!

Hi! This was a journey to say the least but it's something I really wanted. It started a few weeks ago. When I made this decision I knew I would need to remove some of the brown from my hair. I started washing my hair with shampoos that weren't for color treated hair and also stepping up on using products for damage and moisture to get my hair in the best shape possible. I did manage to fade my hair quite a bit. Now it got to the time to actually start the coloring process. These are the products I used.
This is how my hair looked after fading it for about a week or two.
I started with the Malibu treatment to get out as much color without damage. This is how my hair looked after that.

Then I did a soap cap because I wanted to make sure my hair was light enough.

Then I decided to do one more soap cap.

Then I applied Kenra 6RR. I know most people can't get their hands on Kenra so if you can't I would use Ion Color Brilliance. My cousin we used Kenra 6RR on her hair and Ion 4IR on her hair extensions. It was a perfect match so I would recommend that if you want this same color. And this is the end result!

 Its this super pretty red color. I have lots of tutorials and other posts coming up so watch for those soon! Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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