Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sigma Beauty Mini Reviews!

Hi! I signed up for a Sigma Pro membership and I was accepted! I know so many people praise Sigma but I see why. I honestly think they are an awesome company. I still have my first brush set from them that I got like 3 years ago. I remember I also got like 2 free brushes which I was super excited about. So being a Sigma Pro you get a welcome kit which I think is amazing! You get little samples of their products and a coupon for brushes. Here is a picture of the box. It was wrapped up a lot nicer but I obviously open it to see what I got.
I thought now would be a good time to do like a first impression review of these products. So first I'm going to start with this little eyeshadow palette.
 I think these eyeshadows are super similar to MAC. If you compare MAC to Urban Decay, MAC is definitely drier and this is that same exact texture to me. HOWEVER I think the new Sigma Enlight palette seems to be different than these eyeshadows so I think those are a newer different formula. But this little trio reminds me of Sketch, Retrospeck, and  Glamour Light. They do have good pigmentation and blend ability so these are a good dupe for MAC.
Next are these brow powders. I love that they sent me all 4 because as you guys know my hair color changes all the time. I have been using Auburn lately. I used the lighter color on the inner part of my brow and blended it into the darker color. There also is a picture of me wearing it on my brows. I think they look better filled in with this powder than a pencil. I may have to switch up my brow products(:
Next they sent me little samples of more eyeshadows.

I played around with these and these are still good pigmentation and blend ability.

And lastly I got two brushes. Sorry one I already used. One is a blending brush that I got for free with my brushes so I know it's awesome. The other is a liner brush which I haven't used yet but I'm sure it's awesome.

Lastly there was some brochures in there about their products and being a pro. Overall I'm super glad Sigma does this. I would have never tried their brow stuff probably but I'm super impressed. I hope these little reviews help and thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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