Thursday, February 20, 2014

Growing Out A Bob: 1 year and 3 months update!

Hi! It's been another 3 months since my last update about my hair. I didn't really think my hair had grown much but it has. It's still quite a bit shorter than my end goal but it finally doesn't feel short. Here is it now.

 Here are some shots of my grown out bangs. Finally starting to not feel so awkward lol(:

I have had a lot of temptation to cut it shorter. It seems short hair is popular and I've been resisting the urge. I even made a pinterest board of my goals lol. So what am I doing to keep it in good shape?

1. Joico Damage Shampoo and Conditioner- This was in my last update but I'm still using it.

2. Joico Moisture Mask- This has saved my hair this winter but I'm almost out so I need more.

3. Leave in Conditioner- I have 3 kinds.  I my It's a 10 the most. Otherwise I mix my Paul Mitchel Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair Spray and Biolage Keratindose Renewal Spray.

4. Eating Healthy and Staying Hydrated -this always helps. Give your hair the things it needs to produce healthier, stronger hair.

5. Cutting Down on Heat Styling and Styling in General- I have really cut down on heat styling but then I usually put it in a top knot. Which isn't that good for your hair either so I've been working on switching it up and maybe just using a loose headband for example.
6. Bedhead Urban Anti-dotes Resurrection Shampoo and Conditioner- This has helped my hair too. I think this set is suppose to be more moisturizing which is good. So far I like this duo.
7. The Wet Brush- I have noticed a huge difference since using this. I have way less hair in my brush and less damage to my hair in general. It's been perfect.
All of this has been helping with my hair lately. I also used the Paul Mitchell Shines which is why my hair is so shiny. I'm hoping for even better growth this summer and I'm hoping to get back in the habit of taking my vitamins. My upcoming goal is about this length.

And that is my update! Watch in another 3 months I will post another update or sooner because my hair is in need of a cut. I hope you guys liked this and thanks for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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