Saturday, February 8, 2014

Review: CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in1 Foundation

Hi! I'm FINALLY doing my review on this foundation now that is like half gone already lol. So let's start with packaging. It has a pump which makes me happy. The bottle is glass with a plastic clear cap. I like the packaging but I think it would look really cool if the cap matched the pump and was blue. But overall I like the packaging. Here is a picture.

So this foundation is marketed as being products in one. It is supposedly primer, foundation, and concealer. This foundation does wear a very long time which gives it the primer aspect but I personally like a primer to fill in my pores so I still wear a primer anyways. Next as a foundation it has amazing coverage! It blends really well and they do have a decent shade range. I bought the shade 810 Classic Ivory and I'm usually a NC15-NC20 in MAC. It's a pretty good match for me. And lastly as a concealer you can apply a more concentrated amount and it works pretty well as a concealer. But there is a 4th aspect that I feel like they could have marketed this foundation as. It seems to dry to a super matte sort of powdery finish. I don't have to set this foundation because of that but I usually do just because. Overall this foundation is fantastic. It actually is better than my Revlon ColorStay which is hard for me to admit. Would I buy this foundation knowing what I know now? YES! This is a great drugstore foundation. This foundation was $12.99 and I would rather pay that than some of the high end foundation prices when this works just as amazing! If you can you should get this as soon as you can and try it for yourself. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and thank you for reading!
- Eat Sleep Makeup
P.S. I would not recommend this foundation for dry skin because of the extremely matte finish.

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