Sunday, February 16, 2014

My plan for going blonde

Hi! I have a game plan for going blonde but I'm going to go backwards a little bit and then start going lighter and trying to keep my hair in good condition.

I'm going to start here with neutralizing the red tones. I actually just dyed my hair this color but I used a demi which is a little more gentle on my hair. Also my color is a little darker than this.

Next I want to put some highlights in and let the base color fade a little lighter. I will probably still have to use something to tone the base color so it's not so red  or warm toned. I don't mind if it's warm but I don't want it super warm like it was before I colored it.
Next get more highlights to keep getting it lighter. Also the brown base should have faded a lot and I might be able to dye it a lighter color.
Lastly keep getting highlights until it's mostly blonde. I could stop when I get to something like this picture or I could keep getting more highlights to get really blonde.
So this is my plan right now(: I did go darker which I could have stayed where I was and got highlights but I wasn't happy with the red brown color. I'm hoping to stick with this plan but I also tend to get impatient. I'll update you the next time the color changes and share with you guys what I get done.(: Thank you for reading!

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