Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Review: The Wet Brush

Hi! I promised some reviews on things I bought earlier this month right before my Project Pan update. This I didn't actually buy however. It was a gift from my grandma. So how did I stumble across this awesome brush? I'll tell you(: My grandma was complaining that she had bought a new hairbrush but it was awful. It was pulling out her hair and it hurt. My grandma does not listen to the use wide tooth comb after shower rule so you can image how much damage she was doing to her hair. My hair also hasn't been in the best shape either. While watching a youtube video about preventing damage someone mentioned the Wet Brush. It seriously looked like a normal brush but after watching a few more videos I decided to try it. It just so happens we also had a mini vacation coming up and we were going to be at a waterpark. I talked my grandma into getting this for our trip but she also bought me one. But this was the perfect way to test out this brush. First off this is how the brush looks.
Again nothing crazy. It looks like a typical brush. The handle is really soft and smooth. I can't explain it but it's like that soft rubberized stuff. The only thing I noticed to be any different was the bristles were skinnier than the usual hairbrush. It claims it's intelliflex bristles know when to be firm and when to be soft. It also can be used on wet or dry hair. The first time I used this was on dry hair that had been hidden under a hood. So for me that meant some major knots. It brushed them out pretty easily and didn't hurt at all. With a usual brush I would have gotten the knots out but it would have hurt. I continued to use it on my wet and dry hair through out the week at the waterpark. I let my cousin try it and she was amazed too. Everyone who used it that week was amazed. I even brushed out my hair that was wet and had been teased. I wouldn't say it gets the knots out perfectly on one run through. But it doesn't hurt which is a huge plus to me. I also have noticed way less hair in my brush. I mean WAY less hair! My hair has seemed to already be in better shape and I can't help but think it's because of this. Nothing else in my routine has really changed. The bristles feel like a little massage when you use it. I just love everything about this brush and so far everyone else has too. Would I buy it again? Yes it's amazing and I seriously think you should try it! It really is great and worth the hype. I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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