Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: Sigma Enlight Palette

Hi! So I finally ordered my Sigma palette and I've gotten to play around with it for a little while. I have used Sigma brushes and I love them but I wasn't sure how to feel about ordering makeup from them. I had already ordered this palette when I got my pro kit so I sort of had an expectation in my head but I am happy to say this palette exceeded that. This is what it looks like and some swatches.
 It does have a decent size mirror above the colors but I didn't think it was necessary to show.
I couldn't get all the swatches to come out right for pictures so here are a few.

The colors are very soft and incredibly pigmented. For example Cinnamon I just have to dip my brush in and I have enough product. This palette has everything you need create multiple looks. You hear quite often that the Naked palettes don't have enough mattes to do lots of looks with. I feel the opposite way but since having this palette having more mattes feels like it gives you more options. This palette has colors I never knew I wanted but once I had them in my collection I knew I needed them. I'm going to go through the color and talk about them a little. Starting in the upper left hand corner and moving right I'll start with Oyster Sand. It's a light pink with like a blue/purple duo chrome. It's an awesome fun highlight color. Next is Sugar Milk which is a nice creamy matte white color. If you know me then you know this is my perfect brow highlight color. Mild Mannered is like a slightly rosey taupe color. Dove is darker and seems a little more grey but still warm toned. Next line Fawn reminds me of Retrospeck. It's just a pretty perfect gold color. Cinnamon just looks like a warm brown but it's almost like a orange brown. It really makes your makeup look more warm and cozy if you apply it in the crease. I am now obsessed with that color. Next is Russet. This is better than Skecth just a small amount goes a long ways. It's a beautiful burgundy color with little gold/copper glitters(don't worry they're subtle). Balanced I feel like looks like your typical champagne color but it's got a nice warm tone to it. Last line, Cozy is like UD Buck. It is a nice warm medium brown. Another favorite color of  mine in the palette is Innocent. This color I didn't have much expectations for but it's beautiful. It looks like a light pink but it's a hint darker and maybe a little bit mauve. It's a great crease color. Next is a color I haven't used a lot but it is pigmented. Optimistic is a darker pink glittery color. And lastly is Warm Stone which is a pretty warm brown with gold glitter (it looks subtle one the eyes). At first I was worried the glitter would be crazy and lots of fallout but I have had almost no fallout with these shadows and the glitter is subtle. I am completely in love with this palette. It's great for traveling because it is a small palette but the eyeshadows are still a good size. The only negative is this palette is Limited Edition. Its such a fantastic palette I've been really tempted to buy another to stock up lol. I really think if you are considering getting this you will be very happy. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and thanks for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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