Friday, January 31, 2014

Review: Nivea Lip Butters

Hi! As you know I love the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments and I've been looking for a cheaper replacement. I decided to try these. I got two flavors raspberry rose and caramel cream kiss. This is what they look like.

The raspberry rose smells like raspberry crystal light. The caramel cream doesn't smell like caramel to me but it doesn't smell bad. These are super moisturizing for your lips. These are my new lip favorite! In comparison to my EOS lip balm these keep my lips moisturized longer. My EOS I have to constantly reapply because once they are off my lips my lips start to dry out. These I apply and I'm good for hours or even the day depending on what I'm doing. They don't add any color to your lips which is one thing I do like the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments for. The do give a white cast to your lips if you apply too much. The other negative is you have to apply with your fingers which explains the current state of mine lol. I would like these a lot better if that wasn't the case. I always carry my hand sanitizer with if I know I'm going to be using this. They do have sticks but I'm not sure if it's the same formula. I know these being lip butters is a heavier formula than some lip balms. Would I buy these again? YES! I'm already trying to get my hands on the Vanilla Macadamia one. The formula for these are just awesome! So if you can head to Ulta pick these up now! Thank you for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed this review! I'll have lots more posts and reviews up soon!

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  1. i have the vanilla macademia one which is all we have in canada and it is amazing, but i just use it before bed because of the fingers/white cast issue. rosebud salve is also very nice!