Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Review: NYX Butter Lipsticks

Hi! Today I am reviewing the fairly new NYX Butter Lipsticks. I only bought one color because the other one I wanted was sold out. I got the color Fun Size and this is what that looks like.

I bought it hoping it would be like my wonderful Crème Brulee butter gloss but sadly it's not quite the same. If I forget my lip balm I can count on my Creme Brulee gloss to really moisturize my lips. This I don't feel the same way about. If you look at the picture of it applied my lips definitely don't look dry and they do feel moisturized but the feel does not last as long as the gloss. Don't get me wrong the lipstick is creamy. It really reminds me of some of my MAC lipsticks. The main reason I bought this shade was looking for a dupe to my MAC Hue lipstick. This isn't a dupe sadly but I do think this is a great nude. They have pretty good pigmentation but I feel the staying power of these is only ok. I can feel that they don't last long while I'm at work. However would I buy this again? No I personally probably would not knowing what I know. I feel like this lipstick is no better than my MAC Hue lipstick which is a glaze finish so it's kinda similar. But I definitely don't think the lipstick isn't bad it's just not quite what I wanted. So overall I think these lipsticks are good for the price but there are better options if you are willing to splurge. I was really interested in one of the darker shades. It had amazing pigmentation and was a pretty color so I would go check them out. I hope you guys enjoyed this review and thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

Update: We just got some new shades at my Ulta and I will be definitely be buying more. I can do an updated review on the new colors I get once we put them on the shelf.

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