Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Your Opinions on Hair Extensions???

Hi! So today I'm asking for your help/opinion on hair extensions. Let me explain(: Most of you can see I'm trying to grow my hair out but honestly it can't get long fast enough. I really would like to try extensions out. I really would like to try clip ins because they are not as damaging to your hair as some of the more semi-permanent options. Plus I would change my hair everyday so having the choice to wear them or not is definitely nice. So this is where you and your opinion come in(: I would love to hear some suggestions of brand/companies you think have great hair extensions. A few brands I have considered are:
-SKR Hair Extensions
-Head Kandy Hair Extensions Hair Extensions
-Foxy Lock Hair Extensions
Each seem to have their own pros and cons. Some are cheaper and some are more expensive. Some have more color selection and some have more textures than others. I think I want 16-18in and at least 120grams of hair. My cousin bought extensions which I colored for her and hers were from Sally's. I believe hers were Euronext and they were 70grams. They were really nice but they definitely needed to be thicker for both of us. I tried them on even though they did not match at all but I could tell they were too thin. So even though I thought they were pretty nice I won't be getting those. I think if I can wait 6 months without getting my hair cut I will sort of celebrate not cutting my hair with extensions (lol it is very hard not to cut your hair when you are a cosmetologist). Anyways what are your opinions and experiences with hair extensions and hair extensions companies? Also go ahead and recommend any brands I may not have mentioned. Thank you for reading and helping(:


  1. I am looking for my first set.. did you ever decide on a brand? and how did you like? I'm torn between skr, and foxy..

    1. I haven't purchased a set yet but I have narrowed it down to SKR and headkandy. They both have the quad weft that I want. Right now I'm leaning towards SKR because they are cheaper and slightly thicker than headkandy(now called dirty looks). I change my hair color a lot so I would prefer getting a cheaper(but still good) set of extensions. I plan to try both in the future. Foxy Locks is cheaper but they don't have the quad weft that I know of.