Saturday, March 2, 2013

Some Hair Ideas(:

Hi! I'm already super bored with my hair and let's just say pinterest is not helping! I'm bored of my hair literally every week and I think it's mostly because I've had a bob for a year and half. So I think the cut is making me feel bored all the time. I feel like there isn't much I can do with it style wise. It's not long enough to do the top knot or a fishtail braid. I have curled my hair and it looks cute but it's too much work with short hair. Also sometimes it comes out cute and other times it just doesn't turn out. So anyways since there isn't much I can do about the cut until it grows out more I'm left to play with the color. So here is some ideas I've been playing around with. I can't decide between blonde or very dark brown. ( I do not own any of these pictures and I am not in any of these pictures.)
 Option #1- Some combination of blonde on top and either brown or a darker blonde underneath with some lowlights through the top

Option#2- Really dark brown on it's own or add some streaks of a fun color (teal?)

Option#3-  All blonde

Option #4- Brown with highlights
I'm also trying to decide if I want to change my bangs to something like this when my hair gets longer.

 It's hard because I like them for different reasons. The blonde with the brown underneath is kind of the best of both worlds. The dark brown I feel is more edgy. The all over blonde I've always really loved. I also like the brown with highlights that I've had in the past. There are also some other factors I think about when deciding. My natural color is blonde and so are my eyebrows so it's nice having blonde hair that matchs my eyebrows. It's easier to tease my hair when it is darker because it blends better and is less noticeable for some reason. My hair is porous on some of my ends and any dark color I put on fades within a few washes and has this ugly gold tone (you can see what looks like highlights in my last hair update and that would be the super porous part). The blonde is nice when my hair is porous because there is no color but being blonde usually makes my hair even more porous so it's hard to go back (that little bit that is super porous is the very ends of when I was blonde last time). Right now I have a plan where I can have these each one at a time except one. If I want to go blonde I'm going to have to do it gradually anyways so I would probably use some color remover( I want to get rid of some of this red also I dyed my hair a demi 3v/r so I need to lighten it a little) and then dye my hair a neutral brown. Usually I do a level 4 or 5.  Then I wait about 2-6 weeks and get highlights like option#4. Usually after I do this I wait 2 months before I do any kind of color service to my hair ( which would be good for my hair to have a break). The brown starts to fade more and more over the 2 months and again gives my hair a break. Then I usually get more highlights and at this point I am mostly blonde. I wait another month and either bleach out what is left of the brown or the brown has faded a lot at that point and I can use 2 or 3 different shades of blonde and get a pretty dimensional blonde (like option#3). When I get bored of the blonde I can color the underneath and add lowlights(like option#1).  Option#2 is the only one I don't have a plan for but at the same time I don't really want to dye my hair till it is longer. So maybe when I get bored of the blonde and brown underneath I can go really dark. I think that's my plan for now lol. It's just really hard for me to decide what color I want. Anyways I plan on sharing the process with you guys if I can(: Thank you for reading!

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