Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rihanna Inspired Tutorial/L'Oreal Infallible Tutorial

Hi! Today's tutorial is inspired by this picture:
The eye makeup is pretty simple except the blue slightly winged eyeliner and I love the bold lips. This tutorial also uses L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Midnight Blue. I know I look nothing like Rihanna and the makeup isn't exact that is why it says inspired by. Well on to the tutorial!

First I apply my MAC foundation in NC15 and a little bit of my L'Oreal Lumi Foundation. Next I took a fluffy brush and lightly dusted a mix of MAC's Glamour Light and Retrospeck on my lid. Just use a color close to your skintone that makes your lid look nice.
Then I applied Urban Decay's Naked into my crease.
Some of you may know this next trick and some of you may not but I applied tape like below in the picture. Then I applied Urban Decay's 24/7 Binge Eye Pencil and winged it out. The tape helps wing it out and get a precise line.
I took off the tape and applied L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Midnight Blue over the Binge eyeliner. It comes out way more pigmented even though it is already super pigmented.
Now I had to do some more research for this part but Rihanna actually has like a black eyeliner on the lower lashline/waterline. So I applied Urban Decay's 24/7 Pencil in Perversion to my upper waterline and my lower waterline and lashline. I took a small amount of the Midnight Blue and smudged out Perversion. It became sort of a blackened blue that was super pretty.
For the rest of the eye makeup I applied MAC's Naked Lunch as a brown bone highlight. Then I applied 2 coats of my Sephora Atomic Volume Mascara and my MAC Veluxe Brow Pencil in Deep Brunette. And the eye makeup is done.
For the rest of my face I contoured with my Elf Bronzer and Blush Duo. I also applied the blush from the set as well. For the lips I applied NYX Black Label Lipstick in Hot Pink. I got this a year ago and I love it! One of the Maybelline Vivids I think would be a good lipstick for this look. And we're finished!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. I have one more tutorial coming up with the L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadow. I'm planning on getting a few more eyeshadows later this month. Right now I don't have a lot planned for what I'm going to post this month. I know I would like to do a beginner makeup kit post. I'm giving my cousin a bunch of makeup for her birthday later this month and she doesn't have much right now. That's why I think it would be good to use it as a what to get someone who is starting out in makeup post or even for yourself if you are starting out in makeup. Anyways I have an important interview this week and I'll be in Chicago this weekend so I'm not sure if I will post anymore this week. I'm hoping I can sneak in a few quick posts for you guys. I may do a post on Monday on why and what I was doing in Chicago. Well thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!
P.S. I always get asked but my cupcake earrings are from Tillys.com. I bought them about a year ago so I'm not sure if they have them anymore.

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