Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Current Skincare Routine!

Hey! I realized I've never done a skincare routine. I actually really love trying out new skincare items. I just tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to purchasing them. So here is what I'm currently trying out!
First things first is my cleanser. I'm currently using my Pur Minerals Soothing Gentle Cleanser which is ok. I think it is gentle cleanser for sensitive skin but I personally need a bit more. So I've been using my Olay Out Of This Swirled Cleanser and Scrub. This stuff smells amazing! It also helps with my pores and keeping my skin matte.
I've never believed in the you need a morning and night moisturizer. But this moisturizer is so good! This moisturizer is great for oily skin because it doesn't make your skin look more oily and its a nice light moisturizer. Plus it smells really nice.
I use this moisturizer because it's too heavy for me to use during the day. It's a gel consistency so it is a little on the thicker side. So as you can guess this is my night moisturizer.
Next are my special treatments and masks. First is this Ulta Deep Treatment Foaming Mask. This I feel like is like a face wash and kinda like a mask. I use this when I don't have time for mask but I want a really deep clean. I feel like it doesn't do a whole lot in making my skin look better but like I said it's good for when I'm in a rush. The second one is my Pur Minerals Dirty Girl Mask. This is really hard to remove but it does really deep clean your skin and pull out a lot of oils and impurities. It just isn't a holy grail item for me so this won't be in collection long.
Lastly are my Freeman masks. I have the Strawberry and Chocolate one and the Dead Sea Minerals one. I like both of these. I don't feel like the they do quite as much as the Dirty Girl one but they are really nice for the price. They make your face feel super soft.
 And that is it for my current skincare routine! I'm still on the search for an eye cream and things like that. Do you have a favorite skincare item right now? Comment below!(: Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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