Thursday, April 17, 2014

Need Your Opinions Please(:

Hi! I have two things I need your opinions on. Let's start with the first subject. I recently cleaned out my makeup collection. I do this pretty frequently. I sorted things into stuff I want to give away and some things I would like to do for another project pan. Here is where I need your opinion. Should I just add the things on to my current project pan or should I finish my current one and start a new one? I was leaning towards starting a new one but some of this stuff I feel I should put it in now. For example I have another concealer I'm trying to finish and it's half gone. So now I'm thinking about adding them on. Any opinions on one way or another? The second thing isn't that important but I'm looking for some suggestions. I have no idea what color I should go with for my hair. I do like my hair but I am getting a bit tired of the dark. So here are some ideas I like. (none of these pictures are mine. they are just pictures I found on Pinterest)

These last two are videos. These are from my favorite youtuber ThatGirlShaeXo. I love her highlights.
and the second one
Do you have a favorite? I'm too indecisive to pick one. Are you thinking about making any spring hair color changes? Share below! Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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  1. I would just add onto your current project pan, that's what I'm doing, just one long continuous project pan! :) the hair is all really pretty, I love the lavender and pastel shades!