Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall Hair Color Trends

Hi! If you are anything like me you are getting super excited for fall. Darker more dramatic makeup, sweaters, boots, changing of the leaves and who can forget all the pumpkin scented items. It's my favorite time fo the year. Fall may not technically be here yet but I'm already starting to notice some fall color trends. Maybe I've noticed it more because I'm getting ready to color my hair for fall. But either way here are some of the trends.
Ombre has been popular pretty much all year so here are a few pictures of this trend that I really like. You can follow this trend with pretty much any shade of hair. You can also go very bold with it or do more like subtle ombre highlights.

2.Red and Red Brown
Red has always been a popular color for fall. And again you can go as bold or subtle as you want with this trend. Try adding a red tone to your hair or some red lowlights.

3. Darker Blonde
You can get your summer blonde hair fall ready by going all over a little darker or adding some lowlights. Here are a few I'm really loving.

4. Warm Browns with (or without) Dimensional Highlights or Lowlights
Another trend I've noticed is the usually warm browns but they have some slight highlights or lowlights to add some more dimnesion and warmth. Some pictures are just the usual rich browns but they are still pretty.

So those are some of the fall hair color trends I've noticed. Maybe this will help you decide what fall color trend you are going to try. As for me I'm still very confused lol. They are all gorgeous choices.Anyways I'll post again soon!
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