Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Growing Out A Bob: 9 month Update!

Hi! So it has been 9 months since I started growing my hair out and it feels like I'm finally making some progress. The hard part is my hair is at the really annoying point where it's too short to wear it in longer styles (ex. higher ponytails, buns, big loose curls, and etc.) but it's too long to wear it as a shorter bob style. The pictures will explain better than I can.

My hair doesn't look the greatest here but I'm trying not to heat style it. I'm really hoping another inch or two and it won't feel so awkward. Or maybe it needs to be cut but I'm going to convince myself not to for a little while longer. I'm also growing out my bangs. I think I'm going to have face framing layers once my hair gets longer. So what am I doing for my hair to help with this growing process?
1. Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Set (shampoo, conditioner, and dramatic repair spray)- Obviously I have went lighter with my hair and plan to continue to do so which means my hair needs the keratin and moisture. This helps keep my hair in good shape.
2.Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm - Keeping my hair moisturized and healthy
3. Rusk Multi 12 in 1 Treatment- Still using this as a leave in conditioner and heat protectant.
4. Scalp Massages- I usually do this while I shampoo
5. Biolage Keratindose Pro-Keratin Renewal Spray- I usually switch between this and the Rusk Treatment
6. WAY less heat styling- I've been playing around with different styles but trying to lay off the heat styling.
I have kind of stopped with my vitamins but I will try to get back into those.  My goal for 12 month update is somewhere around these lengths.


I finally feel like my hair is getting long enough for extensions so I should be getting some. I'm hoping to get my hair lighter and maybe not as warm first though. Sort of like MakeupbyTiffanyD's hair. Anyways I will keep you guys updated on this long process. It's hard to believe it's already almost been a year. Thank you for reading and I'll have another post up Friday!

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