Friday, August 16, 2013

Going Blonde!

Hi! So as you can probably guess today's post is about me going blonde. I have been holding this off for awhile because growing your hair out and going blonde can be a challenge. Bleach can be so damaging for your hair which you do not want when you are trying to grow it out. So I'm going to kinda of start with what I did and where I hope to go with this. A little history about my hair I have gotten my hair completely platinum before. Platinum isn't really my color but I've also had it bleach blonde. If I had put a toner on it would become platinum but by not it was a little more warm neutral blonde which looked way better. Anyways I have always loved really light blonde hair. I've been wanting it for months but since I was growing my hair I held off as long as I could. Starting a few months back my hair was dyed around a level 5 this is how it looked.
I really hated it but I was slightly lighter than the color I did before. I left it this way for about 2 months. I let it fade and get as light as it could. In late June early July I decided to use some color remover and go to a half 7 half 8. My hair is naturally a level 7. This is how that looked.
I think the color remover didn't work that great and it was still too dark. For some reason that last step with the neutralizer takes your hair back dark. Anyways about a month ago I caved. I needed bleach blonde even if it was just highlights. So I got all over highlights which made my hair look so much lighter. I really liked the color but in two weeks right before we left for vacation I really wanted more. So we put in more blonde highlights which is what I currently have.
 It definitely looks lighter but I'm already wanting more and it's only been a couple of weeks. I'm going to leave it like this up until I start my new job or at least that's the goal. But eventually I'm trying to achieve something more like this.

I know some are lighter and some are darker and they are different in their own way but I really want a multi dimensional blonde. Right now when my bf looks at my hair he says it is more caramel colored and I know he is referring to the darker color. I'm hoping to go light enough that he will say blonde not caramel. So I'm thinking I'm going to reach out to a friend that knows how I like my hair and have her do some serious foiling which I'll try to remember to take pictures of the process. I'm kinda hoping this helpful if anyone is trying to go lighter and doesn't want to right away reach for the bleach. Bleach your whole head can be.... actually quite scary. So this is a little more gradually and easier on your hair. I'll keep you guys updated and hope you enjoyed reading this!

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