Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why It Is Important To Get A Haircut When You Are Growing Your Hair Out

Hi lovelys! Today's post came from some inspiration to get a very much needed cut. Any girl that is growing her hair is almost immediately nervous at the word haircut. And as a girl trying my hardest to grow my hair out I can understand these nervous feelings. But at the same time having a god awful super grown out cut isn't great either. Which leads to you NEED a hair cut. So I'm going to use my hair as example for this. These pictures are from when my hair was cut in June.

Not my favorite cut because I want long hair but there is actually nothing wrong with the cut. Also notice how the front is just very slightly shorter. Ok fast forward to now.

I have not had a haircut since and it has been like 3 months. So here is the problem. Here is a picture of my layers. If I hold them straight up from where I part my hair they are the same length.
Ok now still holding on to these pieces but seeing where they lay is totally different.
One side comes to the top of my ear and the other comes to about my jawline. I know that this is mostly because I part my hair so far to the one side but some of this is because of how grown out my hair is. My hair is not cut for what length it is now. It's cut for the length it used to be. Right now it looks awkward because one side looks more layered than the other. One side feels thicker than the other besides the fact I part it on the side. Also that front part that was just ever so slightly shorter is now 1/2 inch shorter than the rest of my hair and does not look good. Girls growing out pixie cuts know probably better than anyone you have to get your hair re-cut. Otherwise growing out a pixie turns into growing out a mullet. You have to keep the neckline trimmed up and keep it shaped. So if you are growing your hair out this is why getting cuts are still important. You need to get it reshaped and also you are not doing yourself any favors by keeping those dead dry ends. They need to go so they don't cause more breakage. If it has been a few months and you feel like your ends still look ok ask your stylists to just dust the ends of your hair. Most stylists know this means to cut just the very ends of your hair to clean it up and keep it looking neat. Also if you get your hair texturized or thinned out it's not a bad idea to get this done as well. Another huge tip is find a stylist to help you grow out your hair. I'm very lucky to have an awesome friend who cuts my hair and helps offer insight into growing my hair out. Another reason I also love her is the side that my layers are longer on she always cuts that side shorter so it grows out more even and I don't have the problem I'm having now (I also love her for her obsession with Friends but that's another story). She didn't cut my hair last time so the issue with my layers is not her fault. But anyways find a stylist that is willing to help you with the grow out process. If you have a friend with the haircut or style that you would like to have ask where they go for their haircuts. If they have long hair obviously their stylist doesn't just wack off a bunch of their hair when they get it cut or it wouldn't be long. Especially when you are growing your hair out the last thing you want is a stylist that is just going to chop like 6 inches off your hair unless your hair is damaged and the stylist has talked with you. It may take some time but you will find the right stylist to help you with your hair. Your hair tends to get uneven from breakage and just in general from going a long time between cuts. It's important to keep it cut so it can be healthy and grow out to the length you want. I hope this post was helpful and wasn't too much babbling. I tried to make it more personal. Also I should be filming my first video soon for this blog. I'm not sure when but I have a topic picked out and I hope you guys will like that too. Thank you for reading!
-Eat Sleep Makeup

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