Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Hopefuls!

Hi! I decided to make a list of products I hope to try (and love) in 2013. Hopefully I will some reviews on some of these! By the way my Joico Reconstruction Set review is coming up. So on to the list!

L'Oreal Lumi Foundation- Heard some good things about this foundation. The only issue I see is I have oily skin. However this winter my skin has been pretty much normal. Hoping this can kind of be a replacement to my Urban Decay Naked foundation which gives my skin a nice finish.

Maybelline Lumi Concealer- I was going to try the L'oreal version but I have heard that they changed the product to be marketed as a highlighter. I don't have a huge problem with dark under eye circles so I don't need a lot of coverage. I would like something to lighten it up.

Make Up For Ever Matte Velvet + - I have used this in the past and I remember not being a huge fan of the coverage. I would like to give it a second chance. Mostly because watching MakeupByTiffanyD makes me want my skin just as flawless and natural looking.

Beyond Belief Skincare- This is a line at Sally's and it doesn't have the greatest reviews. However I'm looking into trying something new. I like that they have a lot of products in there line.

Origins VitaZing Moisturizer- I've heard really good things about this product. I really want to try some more moisturizers. I like my Clinique moisturizer but I don't love it. I'm hoping this can change that.

NYX Cosmetics- I don't own a lot of NYX products. I have 3 that I can think of which are milk jumbo pencil, a purple glitter liner, and a black label lipstick in hot pink (I think). I really want to try some more of their products this year like some blush and eyeshadows.

MAC Pigments- I haven't used these before but I would really love to. I have a feeling I'll love these even more than the regular MAC eyeshadows.

pH Products- I've started to notice these products popping up more and more. By pH products I mean products that adjust color based on your pH. It started out with lip products but today at he store I noticed a blush and bronzer that claim to adjust it's color based on your pH. Really would love to try these products on myself and a few others.

Sonia Kaskuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette- I really want to try this for my under eyes and on any blemishes. I would really like to find a cheap concealer I like.

These are some of the products I'm hoping to try in 2013. Comment if you have tried any of these or maybe share your own list of things you would like to try. I hope your 2013 is off to a good start!

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