Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Haul!!!

Hi again! It has been awhile time since my last post but I'm back. Today's post is a haul but I have a hair tutorial and face of the day coming up too. Oh and several reviews! Well let's get started with the haul!
So let's start with the hair products I got. I decided to try the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I've really been wanting beachy waves this summer. This will be in my hair tutorial coming up. I also got the Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Set. I'm planning on going blonde soon and love what this does for damage and just keeping my hair all around healthy. Now on to my favorite part: makeup! I decided I wanted to try some more foundations. So I got the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. I got it in the color 200 Nude because I have been getting tanner this summer.
I've heard that this foundation is really good in the summer time. I wouldn't say waterproof but it sounds like it is at least sweatproof. I'm planning to do a review on this eventually. For my next foundation I got the Tarte Amazion Clay Foundation.
I have only wore this foundation twice but I will say this foundation is amazing and can't wait to do a review. I bought the color Light. I bought the L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara as well. I've used this a few times and I like it but wouldn't say this is too special. Also bought a new favorite eyeliner. I own a few Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils but I decided to get Sabbath because I really wanted like a navy blue eyeliner.
I tried to do a swatch but the picture wouldn't come out. But this is a new favorite. It is sooooooooooo pigmented and creamy! I'm going to try to do a tutorial with it soon. Now on to lip products! I always get sucked in to those products that Sephora has around the register! And this was no exception!
It has the colors freestyle, harmony, and ballad. I've only tried the darker pink one on the right but I like these so far. Next I knew I wanted some coral lip product. I decided to try a gloss. So I bought the b.e. Buxom lip gloss in Debbie.
On the box it Sheer which made me nervous. However I totally disagree! I think this gloss is pretty pigmented. I love it so far! And now onto the the clothes and accessories. First I bought a new swimsuit. You can see it in the picture above. I decided to try this Liz Claiborne retro styled suit. It seriously is so cute and perfect for someone like me who isn't totally comfortable with their body. Next I bought this dolman style peachy striped top for Forever 21. I love it because it is light and flowy. I love the color as well.
I also got this tank top at Forever 21. The front is plain black but the back is this sheer chevron print.
I think it will be great later this summer if it ever quits raining. Next I decided to get this baggy cardigan.
I really love cardigans like this. They just feel so comfy. And the last thing I got at Forever 21 was this scarf.
It's a really light scarf but I love the navy stripes. I don't have much in my closet to wear with this so I'm going to have to get something to wear. Actually I forgot I got 2 necklaces at Forever 21. My other gold key necklace broke :( so I needed another. I fell in love with the flower necklace as I was looking around the jewelry section. Unfortunately it has started to tarnish already though.

Next I got this top from JcPenney but honestly you can get this shirt ANYWHERE. Every store has some version of this shirt.
It is the typical sheer button up with some sort of cut out. The back of this shirt has a small cute cutout. I've really been liking olive green lately so I decided to go ahead and get this. The next set of clothes is from Maurices. I bought this tank top to wear with the cardigan I got from Forever 21. But it is really versatile.
 It has bronze studs on the front but it is so comfy. This next piece is an absolute favorite of mine. It may look black but it is a really dark olive color.
 This next tank top I got because I like the sequin pocket and it's a pretty good basic.
 I really have been wanting a ruffle tank top so I got this one in black. Another good basic that is a little jazzed up.
 And the last clothing piece I got was this and it is my favorite.
Don't worry it's faux leather. It's so comfy and edgy. I love it! Lastly I got some shoes at JcPenney's. This first pair was mostly for work. I think the studs and some interesting detailing.
Next I wanted some cute sandals for summer. I actually haven't worn these yet.
Lastly I wanted some flip flops that weren't the typical rubber flip flops. These you can tell a little more well loved already.
And very lastly I got this necklace at Maurices. It actually was suppose to be gold chain instead of silver but I decided to keep it anyways.

 I'm thinking I'm going to wear this with my new jacket.(:
Anyways this is the end of my haul and I hope I can do some outfit of the day posts soon using this stuff. Also I have some reviews to get up so I will try to get some of those up soon. Thank you for reading!(:

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