Monday, June 10, 2013

Growing Out A Bob:7 Month Update

Hi! Ugh this is probably why my hair is not so much longer. But I got my hair cut again! I had a hair coloring issue and my ends were very damaged. A girl at work had been suggesting that she cut my hair so I let her and I do agree it is better for my hair. I like the style a little better too.

I'm still not happy with my hair or really the way I look but it's one of those bad self esteem days for me. I like the bangs a lot better and the layers are better too. It feels like she didn't take much off the length which is good. This is from my 6 month update.

  So I'm hoping the next 2 months are good to me and my hair grows a lot lol. Nothing has really changed form my 6 month update with the products I'm using and what not. This was more an update that I got it cut again which is another slight set back in growing it out. If you can I recommend waiting longer than 2 months between cuts if you are growing it out. Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will post again if something happens with the growing out process.

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