Saturday, June 28, 2014

CoverGirl Bombshell Mascara Tutorial

Hi! Long time no post but life's been crazy like usually. I am back today though with a review! I'm reviewing the CoverGirl Bombshell mascara. I was pretty intrigued by this product because I see Kandee Johnson use it quite frequently. And well Kandee Johnson is fabulous so of course I was excited to try it. It sells for around $10 (at Ulta I noticed it was almost $12 and Walmart it was $9) and it has 4 shades. Mine is just the Black but there is Very Black, Black Brown, and Brown. Here is just a general picture of the packaging.
Overall I think the packaging is fine. I like the color but it is bulky. The mascara tube is really wide. I'm not sure that it is totally necessary. It just feels too bulky. Another thing you can tell from this is that it is a double ended. So the concept from what I've read is side 1 is the original Lash Blast formula. It's suppose to give you all your volume. Next you apply side 2 which is like a really black intense top coat. It's suppose to intensify the color and give it longer staying power. I'm not a fan of the original Lash Blast formula so I wasn't really sure how I would feel about this. My original hopes were side 1 would be your volume and side 2 would give you your length. The original Lash Blast makes my lashes look short and stumpy so I hoped this mascara would help that problem. But after reading the packaging I wasn't feeling very hopeful. So here is a picture of side 1.
Not really sure how I would describe my lashes. Sure they have volume but not much else. I also thought they looked plenty black. Now here is a the final look after applying side 2.

I feel like it is definitely a more dramatic look. My lashes are way darker. It does add a tiny bit more length but more of the drama comes from the color intensity. So overall application was fine but again the packaging was a bit bulky so it was slightly annoying. I only applied side 2 to the my bottom lashes. How did this wear? It wears really well all day. No flaking or anything. But one of my main issues with this mascara comes from side 2. I was on my way to work one of the times I was testing this mascara out and I blinked and my lashes stuck together pretty bad. Enough that I had to slightly separate my bottom and top lashes. For some reason this mascara (particularly side 2) is really sticky. Eventually it goes away but I think it's just it takes a long time to dry and once it dries the sticky-ness goes away. At the end of the day the mascara still looks great and is really holding up. But removing it is a task. I've used makeup remover wipes and hopped in the shower and used face wash. Either way it takes a lot of work to get this mascara off. Which I guess is great if you really have trouble getting mascara to last on you. So my overall opinion is this mascara is ok. Would I repurchase it? Maybe if I really needed a mascara and this was the best option. Overall I think I would skip it. If you have really long lashes and want a really black dramatic effect then definitely try it. But I personally don't have long lashes so I need something that's going to add some serious length. The negatives aren't enough to make me not buy it. I could deal with it being hard to remove especially if it lasts so long. And I could deal with it being slightly sticky if it added some more length. Again it's an ok mascara and if you like the original Lash Blast I think maybe you should check it. And that concludes my review of this or I'll keep rambling about it. Definitely have some more video ideas coming up just not sure when I can film them and such. But I will definitely make a post here when I post a video(; I hope you enjoyed this review and expect more coming soon!
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