Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Review of Joico Mositure Recovery Balm Treatment

Hi so today I'm doing another review. Mostly because I feel like this review is overdue and I haven't been able to actually do a tutorial. Work has been going well but has been taking up so much of my time I haven't been able to do a tutorial or much of anything for that matter. Well on to the review! This is what mine looks like:
I've heard that this is the professional size and that they have a smaller one. I didn't notice a smaller one but this one was $13 from Cosmoprof. Overall I pretty much always love when products come with a pump. So packaging is great in my book! Some of you may have read my Moroccan Oil Masque review and know that my hair never really felt actually hydrated. This product is truly amazing in that my hair seems hydrated and when it is dry it looks amazing. Even right out of the shower my hair feels amazing wet. Also my hair stays hydrated. It has made a huge difference with my hair. I believe it has really helped my hair with growing it out. Winter being so dry really drys out my hair the most and it is nice to have it in the beautiful state it is in right now. My ends look soooooo much better. Before they looked dry, broken, and split in places. Also it smells great. I'm horrible at describing scents. My favorite scent for a product is Bedheads Color Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner which has like a caramel vanilla scent to it. But if I had to describe this I would say it's more of a perfumey scent rather than like a sweet, spicy, musky, or etc scent. I have used it twice in one week and it has never made my hair felt weighed down at all. It also has that thick consistency that most hair masks have and make me feel like it's probably a good mask. In the end would I buy this again? YES! This very well maybe my HG hair mask. I'm thinking about getting the one for damage too. If your hair is super damaged or dry I would try this mask because I think you will really see a difference with your hair. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. I'm going to try getting a tutorial up within the next week. I would like to get my 2 spring tutorial that kinda go together up very soon. Anyways thank you guys for reading!(:

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